What Is RTP in Pokies: 4 Things an Online Casino Player Should Know

Slots. Everyone loves them. It is one of the most famous and most liked gambling games out there. No matter what type of a slot game or machine it is, we simply love its colourfulness, sounds, spinning reels and the sound the machine makes when you win big time.

Slots are played around the world both in on land casinos and on online gambling sites. The popularity of these is undisputed, and as you can see from the title, Australians love their slots so bad that they gave them a cool nickname – Pokies. Today we will be discussing Pokies and we will address their important part – RTP and what you need to know about it if you are an online casino player. If you are still looking for the best online casinos then look no further than jokaroom‌ ‌online‌ ‌casino‌

  • What It Is?

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RTP is Return to Player and it specifies an amount that a certain game will return to the player on average over its lifetime or an X amount of spins. A machine or a game specifies a 90% RTP which means that you will get back $90 for every $100 you put in that machine or game, on average of course. Why do I keep telling on average?! This “on average” means that you will see that return but over 1 million spins. It is a statistics thing and if you dig more deeply it would start to make sense to you, but you have to do your research thoroughly.

  • RTP is Rigged

No one can rig RTP and there are no special features, consoles or hacks that managers of casinos and slots can do to a certain game or a machine to have the RTP percentage rigged for their benefit. No game or machine has any knowledge of how much money it has received, how much it has paid out, and how much it was put in after you stopped playing. The machine doesn’t know and it doesn’t care because its RTP is a number that is calculated based on the mathematical model of the game.

  • The Longer You Play the Better Your Odds

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When it comes to RTP and the longevity of your playing session, statistically and mathematically the more spins you play the better your chances are to meet that declared RTP for a machine or a game. When RTP is calculated, the game programmers do tens and hundreds of millions of spins to find out the exact RTP percentage. You should also know that if you want to make that RTP and if you want to make that profit longer sessions and more spins bring you closer.

  • Progressive Jackpots Games Have Lower Rtp Than Those Declared

This statement is true and it is not a scam of the game makers and providers. There is no funny business here, the fact is that slots that have progressive jackpots, are in most cases falsely advertised, or at least their RTP is in most cases. The reason behind that is the fact that a part of declared RTP is realized through that progressive jackpot, and if you are not hitting constant jackpots you are playing on a game or machine that has a lot lower RTP than declared.