4 Things Every Aussie Gambler Should Know About RTP in Pokies

Gambling is quite popular in all parts of the world. Of course, Australia is not an exception. It’s a rule that there are people all over the globe who enjoy some games of luck. When it comes to the games selection one of the most popular ones is without a doubt poker. But, not everyone is a fan of eye-to-eye poker games. Yes, Dan Bilzerian is, but not everyone.

Luckily, we have poker machines, better known as pokies. These are amazing o play, offer plenty of fun, and have no stress related to losing to a live opponent. Of course, there’s no point in bluffing too. While they’re fun as hell, they’re not recommended to play without a deeper understanding of everything related to them. So, take a look at the four things every Aussie gambler should know about RTP in pokies.

Not All Pokies Are The Same

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As you can see at Robinroo casino there are plenty of games to go around, and the next of them is not the same as the previous one. There are some minor and some large differences between games, even if we’re talking solely about poker. When it comes to pokies return to p[layer can differ from machine to machine to game to game. In some instances, RTP is 93%. But it can be 99% and everything in between. It all comes down to the casino of your choice.

There are No Hot/Cold Machines

This is a common misconception among poker players. RTP is often seen as the hotness or coldness of a certain pokies machine. The RTP is a set amount. So when a machine is giving away winnings, it is because the RTP hasn’t been matched just yet. If this trend continues for a while, you can be sure that it will turn the other cheek in no time. This is quite logical, as casinos have these numbers set, and they’re quite precise.  Yes, you can win, but the casino already knows how much when it comes to this game.

There’s No Best RTP

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Return to player is determined in advance. But, when it comes to how and when will it payout, it’s quite random. Even if you play each day on the same machine you won’t be able to tell when a wining is coming or not. You can try and play with higher stakes when you’ve been losing for a while to have bigger returns, but this is not a risk that will pay off every time. After all, every spin is random so, it’s not like you’ll have bigger chances of a win this way.

It’s a Long Game

Remember when we talked about the RTP percentages? So, the average is set somewhere at 96%. What this means is that you’ll receive $960 on every $1000 invested. This is a great return, you could say, but there’s a catch. It will play out like this, but only in the long run. In the short term, you can’t apply these rules. So if you’re an avid player have all of what we said above in mind at all times. RTP is not to be messed around with.