Why Are Aussie Gamblers So Obsessed With Online Pokies

Australia is known as the gambling capital of the world. It sees an average adult put down about 2000 AUD per year. But this gambling is specifically centered on one certain machine. Pokies or Electronic Gaming Machines as they allow for multiple chances one after the other.

While betting is common among Australians, pokies take the cake and add significantly to revenue of many online and offline casinos in Australia.  In this article, we will try to explore why this obsession with gambling is so overwhelming in Australia. Our focus will be ok pokies and how they have changed the game of online gambling.

What are Pokies?

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To understand the obsession of Aussies with online pokies, one needs to first know what they are. These are much like slot machines that include a variety of reels or hands. The reason why they are so popular is because they offer high payouts for minimal investment. The gambling industry is probably single handedly being managed by the obsession of the players with online pokies.

If you thought that gambling machines were just made for offline casinos, Australians will prove you wrong. For a population which is significantly less than 50 other countries Australia has the largest number of electronic gaming machines. You do not even have to go to a proper casino in order to have access to these poker machines.

Hotels and specifically made pokie clubs are more than enough for interested gamblers to play a hand. What’s more is that these have now become a staple in online casinos across different platforms that cater to the Australian audiences. They can also be accessed on the best australian casino sites.

The Popularity of Pokies

Australians are more often with cookies than they are with Opera and the most famous casinos of Australia see more footfall than the Sydney Opera House. The gambling industry of the country raises revenue of more than 4 billion AUD. If this does not testify to the obsession of Aussies with pokies, nothing will. It is common knowledge that all the gambling games and cooker machines are specifically designed to catch the attention of new players. Betting in general is addictive but slot machines are more so.

Just because poker machines are the most popular gambling game does not mean that sports betting, racing, and lottery are not significant contributors to the success of the gambling industry. We have now established that there is a significant popularity which is reserved for pokies. Let us now try to understand the reason why.

Why the Obsession?

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It is a national activity which impacts personal finances and also that of the country. The numbers speak for themselves and they are massive. There are multiple reasons behind this addiction and we will try to explore them one by one.

A History of Gambling

It is not surprising for current residents of the country to be so obsessed with gambling when the history stands as a foundation. The culture of the country has always included gambling even from the colonial days. It functioned as an escape for the early settlers who needed to make the most of their life in the new country with harsh conditions. The history of gambling can trace its roots to the 18th century.

This gave birth to the risk and reward tradition which these games support well. It was initially seen as a way to pass the time and merely for entertainment. It was more dynamic and required individual involvement which helped people in taking a break from their daily routines.

In the 20th century, gambling liberalization led to a widespread welcoming of this new activity which not only allowed lottery but also betting games. Additionally, because it was a part of the cultural heritage of the country, access was never the problem. So, adults could immediately try their hand at their favorite games that they have seen elders play.

Good Marketing

There is only so much that history can do if people completely refuse to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors. Marketing plays a big role in drawing people in and making them a part of an already growing industry. It is a multibillion dollar industry so it is natural for there to be good marketing.

Marketing increases outreach in order to allow people with enough platforms to gamble away as much money as they have. Age also has a big factor in making people more susceptible to the marketing gimmicks of gambling platforms. Adults belonging to the age group of 18 to 24 gamble much more than any other age group.

High accessibility is not necessarily a good factor for Australians who are exposed to pokies from their teenage years. Something which is very normal and habitual in the teenage years is hard to let go of as an adult. Because this activity is highly promoted one cannot effectively reason against it. Hence, the obsession.

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Open Attitude

We cannot directly blame either the history and culture or the marketing of gambling. Several different factors play a role to involve more adults and make them participate enthusiastically in gambling. There is easy accessibility which helps expose new players to these machines which are attractive in all means.

Additionally, there has been a lot of exposure to young adults who have seen their elders play all their lives. Moreover, gambling is not really seen as a vice and people voluntarily participate which makes both online and offline casinos a success. Moreover, marketing will not work if the customer demographic is not ready to accept a new service. So, the obsession is a by-product of many factors which includes the interest of the Aussies.

The Takeaway

Online poker games or pokies are beloved in Australia. Call it cultural heritage or just plain interest but gambling has now become commonplace in the nation. Depending on the market revenue of the industry we can say that this obsession is here for a long time.