What Is Return to Player (RTP) in Online Pokies

Pokies is a popular name for well-known slots. This is one of the most popular games in the gambling industry. It is also one of the biggest challenges because every player wants to get as much profit as possible. But it is easy to ignore the most important factor in the game – the RTP or Return To Player.

But What Is It and Why Is It Important?

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This is a percentage calculation of how much you should pay back compared to the investment. For example, if one of the slot machines has 90% RTP, it means that for every $ 100 invested, you will get back 90. This is in the conditions when you make low and medium profits.

Of course, the chances of a jackpot and big winnings are calculated differently. However, the topic of today’s article is exactly RTP, so we will talk more about it.

It is good to know that this parameter is opposite to the house edge. If we take the same example, the house edge, in this case, will be 10%.

The good thing about online pokies is that the RTP is much higher. For example, at $ 100 invested, you would lose $ 3 to $ 5. Of course, this varies from service to service, so you need to find the one with the highest RTP.

If you are looking for the best online casino to play pokies (slots), you have to check on the RTP quote first, so you can estimate if it’s worth it.

There are slot games in the world that have almost 99% RTP, which is really high in favor of the player. But this does not mean that your profit is guaranteed. The math according to which slot machines are programmed is much more complicated than a simple distribution of parameters.

Of course, you should also know that Hit Frequency is different from RTP, although it is expressed in percentages. This parameter describes a coefficient that explains how often winning combinations fall – whether the winnings are large or small.

How to Play Pokies Smartly?

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As already mentioned, these parameters are used so that the machine can be properly programmed. But none of this is a guarantee of profit. This means that slots are not safer than any other online casino game.

Therefore, our advice is to constantly have control over how much money you spend on gambling. Focus on yourself, instead of numbers that promise a lot but mean nothing.

Finally, we will conclude that it is always good to pay attention to RTP, house odds, and hit frequency. However, these numbers are used as a reference only, and the math can sometimes be really strict and work against you, instead of in your favor.

Control your budget, but also choose good and relevant casinos. That way you can rely on RTP reliability and hope for the best.

Now, as you know and understand these things, we hope that you will be smart enough not to put all your money on gambling. Keep in mind that all the machines are made for the people to lose, not to win all the time. And never forget that.