Online Casino Expressions That Every Player Should Know

As changeable as the world of casinos is, one thing always stays the same: the sayings typical of the game. In no other industry have they asserted themselves as well as here. The reason is obvious: Casino sayings are not meant to be boasted, nor do they want to pack meaningless facts into sentences.

On the contrary: The sayings simplify the game. Whoever expresses them will be understood by the players. The country of origin of the player is irrelevant, because the sayings apply everywhere.

This is an important fact, because people from all over the world meet, especially when it comes to table games in the salon. But what are the most famous sayings in the casino world? Our team at believes that the following statements can unite different players from different parts of the world.

Rien ne va plus – Nothing works anymore


The saying ‘Rien ne va plus’, which applies to almost every bet within the roulette game, is not only known to gamblers. Even people who have never played in a casino and have not yet come into contact with roulette know this saying. Surely that’s because it’s used a lot in movies. But when is the saying used?

Once all players have placed their chips and the actual spinning of the wheel with the metallic ball can begin, the croupier says the spell. It means that all bets have been successfully placed and no more chips can be wagered or withdrawn. The bets are therefore final from this point in time. From now on only luck or strategy counts.

Play a set game

Who does not already know this statement from everyday life? As a phrase used in everyday life, ‘playing a set game’ means something like not behaving lawfully, acting fraudulently. Due to this comprehensive meaning, the idiom can be applied to all possible areas and is therefore well known to the broad masses of society. Interestingly, there is actually something deceptive in the origin of the phrase.

Inside the casino someone was playing a set game who allows himself to see all the playing cards. This gives him a huge advantage and is tantamount to cheating. Today this is no longer so easily possible.

Local casinos have strict policies that curb cheating as well as the possibility of using strategies such as card counting in blackjack.

Poker Face: The famous element of the poker player


Poker is very popular internationally. And in fact, almost no casino game is as dependent on tactics and controlling your own emotions as it is in poker.

This is where the so-called poker face comes from. This means a facial expression in which no expression of joy about a good hand or fear because of bad cards can be read. Most people recognize the emotions of their counterpart in the eyes or in the area of the corners of the mouth.

Experienced poker players know how to control their emotions in such a way that not even nuances can be seen. By the way: The poker face often makes sense in everyday life when it comes to keeping a cool head.

Enjoy an advantage with an ace up your sleeve

Life often offers small challenges. Sometimes we can tackle them without much trouble and prove very successful in the task at hand. Sometimes, however, it is not so easy to decide on a challenge for yourself. Then the person concerned needs not only a good portion of luck but also an ace up his sleeve.

This well-known ace up your sleeve means that you still have a chance despite a difficult situation because you still have one last strategy. This strategy is so beneficial that it promises a high chance of success.

In fact, the ace up the sleeve comes from the casino space. And this brisk casino saying can also be dated to the origins of the card game. What is unclear is whether the ace up the sleeve can be attributed to poker or blackjack.

Fifty-Fifty Chance and where it came from

Fifty-Fifty Chance and where it came from

The fifty-fifty chance has made it from the casino to our everyday language. What is meant is that we can expect a 50 percent good outcome and 50 percent an unfavorable outcome. Since this is often the case in gambling in general, the origin of this saying is clear.

In the meantime, many people use this expression in applications, when buying a house, when renting an apartment, even when calculating the chance that their favorite pudding is still in stock in the supermarket.

The saying itself can also be applied to many everyday situations. After all, we are not 100% certain of the outcome of any matter. Occasionally we need to reconsider our strategy and take risks every now and then.

Double or nothing

With ‘double or nothing’ we clearly go to the casino, because the saying is nowhere as popular as in the casino. It often occurs in the game of roulette. The famous Martingale strategy – a mathematical model – applies the principle of the spell directly. If you lose your bet in roulette, you should double it with the next bet on the wheel. That way he’s got the loss back. At least that’s the case if you win. If he was wrong with his bet, he can actually lose everything.

Go all-in: all or nothing

Many players see the casino as a way to escape their financial difficulties. They always hope for great luck and sometimes end up in a spiral of addiction. Driven by blind zeal, they bet everything and go all-in (also: all-in).

In their desperation, they act on the assumption that betting everything would explode in earnings. However, this is usually not the case. Even if they run out of money, addicted players can no longer stop thinking about their great fortune and end up in debt.

The house or bank always wins


The ‘house’ means the casino. To say ‘the house always wins’ means that the casino doesn’t really give players a chance to win big. In fact, the casino’s chances of winning are better than the player’s.

Nevertheless, there are high chances of winning. But poor people rarely became millionaires in the casino. In this respect, the saying that the house always wins is true.