Why Do Aussies Love Gambling So Much

Did you know that Australians are some of the most avid gamblers in the world? It seems as if Aussies are enjoying this hobby a bit more than people elsewhere in the world. Billions worth of dollars is wagered in the Australian casino, sports betting, and lottery industries annually. Why is that so? If you wish to find out keep on reading and find out down below!

What Does a Statistic Show?

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An average Australian will probably spend around $1200 a year on his choice of gambling games. Americans, on the other hand, spend around $400, while the Irish spend around $600. These numbers are more than impressive. Aussies have a love affair with games like pokies, the lotto, and scratch tickets + they have a ton of horse races, allowing them to bet on such diverse fields. Let’s not forget the Melbourne Cup, which is when a ton of Australians bet big on their favorite players.

Top 5 Reasons Why Australians Gamble So Much

1. No Stigma

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Australia is one of those nations where gambling is not stigmatized. People are a lot more accepting, and even 6.8% million of them gamble regularly. Australians are accepting of each other’s ways and they don’t mind gamblers, and they even see it as a fun social event. Being judgmental-free is the best approach to have when you’re trying to have a good time.

2. Lower Gambling Age

Gambling in Australia is allowed at the age of 18, while in the USA it is 21. This makes it a more accessible hobby than in other parts of the world. This allows them to have fun early on, while statistically giving them a fair advantage in terms of numbers. Instead of turning to illegal gambling websites, their first experiences are regulated and fair within their own motherland.

3. Accessibility

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You can play a ton of different games and enjoy them since they are so easy and highly accessible. Almost every street you visit will have a place with poker machines, a ton of different in-person or online casino sites, and plenty of lotto tickets. You can gamble from the comfort of your home and have fun without leaving the apartment or browsing through some shady sites. They have it all!

4. Well-regulated

Regulation is important in every industry. This is why misleading adverts are almost non-existent and sites can’t register or encourage betting to kids. Everything is double-checked and regulated with top high-security set-ups, leaving no room for hackers to interfere. One of those sites that you’re going to love is australianonlinecasinosites, with some of the best reviews on the most popular and trustworthy casinos with impressive payouts and bonuses.

5. Good Marketing Strategy

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Gambling companies are a major reason why Australians love betting. Nowadays, you can see a good ad on your TV, phone, or computer, but also on billboards all across the country, meaning that any age group can see it. Don’t forget that fun, colorful machines, and bright lights will capture everyone’s attention as well dictating them play on and have a good time!