Common Types of Enterprise Software Systems

Every large company needs powerful software to manage its departments, connect with customers and track profits. That’s why enterprise software is one of those industries that has evolved quite a lot in the past few years. Nowadays, there’s a large variety of enterprise

Enterprise Resource Planning

Also known as ERP, this is the type of software that can help you manage daily processes. It’s complex, and it covers a multitude of things like production, accounting, marketing, sales and HR, among others. Large enterprises are depending on this type of software for better management and for streamlining processes.

Business Intelligence

Using Business Intelligence tools can be great if you want to acquire and study data. Taking decisions is imperative in every business environment, but you always want to do that based on data. Which is why Business Intelligence tools have become a crucial part of the market. They are very complex, and usually they will capture and analyze data as well.

Customer Relationship Management


When you are developing enterprise applications, CRM is usually a part of the process, or even a separate solution. Customer Relationship Management tools are utilized by sales and marketing since they can track deals, leads and clients.

Supply Chain Management

With Supply Chain Management tools, you want to ensure that the manufacturing process is handled accordingly. You can access information about your inventory, track suppliers and their availability, you can also process orders and so on.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is another major part of the process, and for a very good reason. You always want to ensure that you make the most out of your human resources. HRM tools are great for identifying and vetting any potential candidates. They can also help you with workforce management, you can also train employees and manage payroll, among others.

Marketing Automation

When you use marketing automation tools, your focus is on streamlining processes, while also saving time. The main focus here is to generate leads, track their conversion if possible, but also send emails and even perform ad retargeting. These can be extremely helpful tools for any company that wants to promote their services/products efficiently.


Business Process Management

Every business has all kinds of repetitive tasks, and Business Process Management tools can help you handle those efficiently. It can also monitor repetitive tasks, all to speed things up and provide better results. Sometimes they can also include project management features. But unlike PM tools, business process management will focus mostly on the company and streamlining tasks.

All of these enterprise software solutions can be vital for the well-being and growth of a company. It’s imperative to assess your company’s needs and narrow down what your business needs the most. Doing that can be a very time-consuming and challenging process. With that in mind, it can become very rewarding too, and it can give you the upsides you are interested in. Study the type of enterprise solution that you need, and then assess the market to find what works for you!