7 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

So, the year is 2024. According to statistics, more than three-quarters of Web users read blogs on a daily basis. It is sometimes used for amusement or education. Sometimes it’s just out of curiosity.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you can read this article to learn how to start a blog. Once you’ve done that comes the difficult part: monetising your website. This begs the question, is it possible to generate money through blogging?

Blogs are the perfect vehicle for passing information and expressing personal views. More than 400 million people view upwards of 20 billion pages every month.

New blogs are launched almost every hour, meaning competition becomes stiffer each passing day. You, therefore, have to go the extra mile to stay afloat and ahead of your competitors.

There are various tried-and-true methods for getting money through blogging. There’s more to it than merely running sponsored advertising or sponsoring content.

And if you still conceive of blogging as a hobby, reconsider. It can certainly earn you a great deal of income. Here are some ways to get started, find your speciality, and turn your blog into a recurring revenue stream.

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Try Affiliate Marketing

Get paid for generating traffic as a third-party publisher towards a company’s services or products. Try promoting a product as an affiliate for a brand that’s willing to pay top dollar. Most well-known bloggers earn a significant portion of their income from affiliate sales. For example, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income got above $50,000 from affiliate sales through his blog last month. Take this amount and compare it to the meagre $9,500 he got from book sales.

So it goes without saying that the higher-priced the items, the better the pay. Therefore, opt to be an affiliate marketer from a good-paying company. If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, here’s how it works:

The ad’s purpose is to promote a product of another brand. If the customer comes from your site, the advertiser agrees to pay you a commission on each sale.

To monitor your referral link, the marketer offers you a one-of-a-kind URL. That way, they’ll know whenever someone clicks on your link and buys stuff.

Your affiliate link will be shown on your blog. This can be accomplished in the content or through banner advertisements. If a viewer clicks on your personalised link and buys the suggested products, you get a share of what they spend.

Sell Banner Ad Space

Firms that are relevant to your demographic can buy banner ad space on your webpage. Banner ads are a more visually appealing form of advertising that is extremely effective. Adverts can be found in various spots, but the most common is at the top of blog posts or in the sidebar.

You can go with any of the following two choices:

CPC (cost-per-click) denotes that you will be compensated a specific amount for each user who clicks on the ad, while CPM (cost per thousand) denotes that you will be compensated a fixed rate for every 1,000 page views.

Because of the abundance of AdBlocker plugins, CPC and CPM can indeed be drastically low, but this largely relies on your specialism. One way to begin is to sign up for a Google AdSense profile.

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Publicise Your Merchandise

Are you aware of the consequences of selling ads on your site? The advertiser earns from your material and sheer determination because 30% of the income goes to the advertising business. In other words, you only get a small portion of the money.

As a result, to limit your monetary loss, probably sell your items or services. Of course, things aren’t as straightforward as they appear. It necessitates a significant amount of effort and dedication. As a result, be prepared to put forth some effort.

Leverage Your Corporation’s Blog as a Content Promotional Tool

Assume you run an online shop; your blog can be used as a content marketing strategy for your business. Instead, if you have a physical location, start a blog to transform devoted readers into paying consumers.

You’re utilising your website to direct traffic to the places where the real money is made. Finally, when it comes to starting a business blog, the options are endless. Handmade objects, publications, and manufactured goods are all possibilities.

Memberships Can Be Sold

Another great approach to generate revenue is to sell memberships to specific portions of your website. Customers may pay 20 per month to use a professional site’s jobs page, for instance.

Sell subscriptions to people who want to get specialised advice about their company from a business blog forum.

Offer individual membership higher than what your clients can obtain for free somewhere else to increase your chances of succeeding but ensure you’re focusing on something useful.

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Selling Sponsored Blog Post.

Selling sponsored blog posts can earn you more cash. Know the laws within the area of your disclosure. One may have to comply with endorsement guides before publishing your blog post.

Put together all your media kit and approach companies to negotiate for a sponsorship deal.

Write Reviews

Do you ever find yourself reading through reviews before you purchase a product or hire service? This is standard consumer behaviour, and you can take advantage of this market trend. Paid reviews are big in 2024. They work in almost the same way as sponsored posts.

You can get paid to watch a newly-released movie and write reviews. Your options are limitless. You can give your views about a product or service, but tangible items are more sellable.

You’ll want to write product reviews for products related to your niche to increase the chances of capturing your audience’s interest.

So, where do you find companies willing to pay you for giving reviews? There are two ways: Approach and pitch directly to businesses, or use online resources like PayPerPost to put you in contact with people willing to compensate for reviews.

Bottom Line

As a blogger, you have the fantastic opportunity of conveying your views, ideas, and enthusiasm to the world. On the surface, it seems as though this is the only purpose a blog serves, but this is far from the truth.

It is possible to make money from blogging, probably enough to make a comfortable enough living. Whether you run a commercial blog or purely based on your hobbies, you could make money from blogging to sustain yourself and your family if done correctly.