7 Cryptocurrency Trends All Traders Should Follow in 2024

The crypto world is a world that is constantly exposed to change and new features. There are various aspects that are introduced to cryptocurrency from time to time that many people aren’t actually aware of. These cryptocurrency trends are crucial to know if you are a crypto investor so that you have the option to utilize them well in time.

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If you are one of the people who have no idea what these cryptocurrency trends are, don’t worry, because we have you covered. In this article, we will be going through several cryptocurrency trends that all traders should follow in 2024. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any crucial details.

Investing in NFTs as A Mainstream Option

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NFTs are becoming an increasingly lucrative option for people who want to purchase a digital form of a physical item and use it as an investment. Since NFTs are based on the blockchain network, it is extremely easy to trade them with different individuals whenever you like without worrying about any complications.

Since they are not transacted in a fiat currency or a centralized platform, NFTs make for an amazing option if you wish to trade with each other without getting imposed with heavy taxes. They are already widely used in the arts industry where various art replicas and paintings have been converted into digital form and sold to the highest buyer.

Games and pictures have started following this lead as well so if you wish to invest in a viable investment option, NFTs might be a great source to do it.

Stay Aware of Tax Regulations for Cryptocurrency

Different countries are devising different ways to deal with crypto. As Bitcoin gets more and more popular, governments have decided they need to put some tax regulations on the users who use it from their country. However, this decision is still uncertain as no government seems to have made any recent plans of imposing tax regulations for cryptocurrency.

All investors can hope for is that the government decides to refuse imposing taxes on cryptocurrency if they figure out that a considerable number of their population are investing in it.

Look out For Central Banks’s Own Cryptocurrencies

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Since the cryptocurrencies are going to be regulated, central banks will need to update themselves as well to support the change. The banks have decided to do so by using their own cryptocurrency which will be called as CBDCs. These cryptocurrencies will help the bank facilitate bitcoin reforms into its structure seamlessly.

There are many experts who claim that this could be the future of payment options as well as some solid financing features as having bitcoin in your bank account opens up a whole new level of options for you. Several countries like China have taken the lead in this matter to create new money. Oher countries like the USA too will follow soon enough taking China’s lead.

Be Aware of Getting Tax on Cryptocurrencies

Since cryptocurrency is decentralized in its very nature, it is impossible to tax it or its transactions with the ones assigned by the government. However, it seems that can’t be the case anymore as governments have started using several tools and services that let them track your bitcoin transactions.

While this may not be the best trend for any crypto investor, you should still be aware that your future bitcoin transactions may be liable to a copious amount of tax.

Utilizing 5G for Better Access

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5G was just released a few months ago and it is already taking the world by storm. It’s lightning fast speed and easy reliability allows investors to invest in cryptocurrency much more easily than before. Because of the addition of several new resources and technologies to the 5G network infrastructure, such as DeFi applications and new services, you can expect 5G to be the most convenient option of connecting online to your wallets.

Once 5G is implemented successfully, it will allow any user to access their wallet and their crypto account easily from wherever they want. This is especially crucial for shorter trades, where time is of the essence.

Investing in Bitcoin as A Millennial

You may be surprised to know that millennials still hold the crown of being the most crypto-friendly users out there despite Gen Z being immensely interested in the digital currency. In the coming days, more and more millennials will be exposed to investing in cryptocurrency as people get familiar with the currency and achieve bountiful steps towards understanding it.

This millennial surge is reason enough for millennials and investors to dabble in cryptocurrency as their popularity will only increase in the coming times.  As long as millennials keep getting educated and taught what cryptocurrency is, the market can be assured to see new additions everyday in its market.

Investing in ETFs when They Become Legal

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ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, are one of the most adventurous ventures out there. While ETFs are not legal yet in many prominent countries, the day they become legal will be the day the cryptocurrency market starts flourishing again. There is still considerable skepticism from government authorities regarding the nature of ETFs and it doesn’t look like that skepticism will be exhausted anytime soon.

Regardless when ETFs become legal, the impact they will have on the crypto world will be massive. It will allow people to directly trade in crypto transactions and eliminate the need of having crypto wallets. This need for using and safeguarding online wallets for every transaction is what keeps many investors away from cryptocurrency but with the help of ETFs, these investors too will soon start investing in the digital currency market.


There are several cryptocurrency trends that all traders should follow in 2024 if they wish to be successful. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.