6 Things Every Gamer Needs to Know About Cyber Security & Online Privacy

Most gamers today are choosing online games. Also, the developers are focusing on delivering online multiplayer formats instead of creating single-player stories, like that was the case earlier. While the online environment brings many benefits in terms of entertainment, it is crucial to pay attention to privacy and security.

In case that you don’t pay enough attention to your privacy, you could face various issues and threads, such as identity theft, data theft, spying, and malware. The best way to prevent similar problems is by installing VPN. If you need one for your Mac device, visit privacysharks.com. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some important things that every gamer should know about privacy and security when playing online games.

It is Necessary to Install Protection

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Firewall protection is a standard part of every operating system. The purpose of a firewall is to detect the attempts when someone is trying to hack your device. Besides the PC, the router needs to be equipped with a proper firewall as well.

However, in case that you get some malicious files, or a highly skilled hacker is trying to breach into your device, the standard firewall won’t be enough. In that matter, you should combine it with proper anti-virus software. Many companies provide this software, and you should compare them and read some reviews before choosing the right one.

Update The Software When Needed

The common issue is that many people forget to update their software. When you check the updates delivered on iOS, Mac, Win, and Android devices, you can notice that a lot of added features are related to security.

You should know that hackers are constantly working on breaking the current breaches. Therefore, the best solution is to activate the automatic updates of both the operating system and all apps you are using.

Choose a Proper Password

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According to the statistics, around 20% of all internet users are using weak passwords for their devices and social media profiles. It is crucial to understand that adding a strong password will make it much more difficult for hackers to breach your device or profile.

Considering the number of people that are using online banking services along with many other options that require sharing of personal information, setting a secure password is crucial. If you are having trouble remembering all those passwords, you can use special software for that as well.

There is also an additional layer of security, which is even more efficient, the 2AF protection. With this method, you will need to generate the code each time when you want to enter the app or online profile. This is common in online banking.

Keep Your Data Private

Gamers should know that the best option is to always use a fake name on servers. That way, you can leave only your email address when making a profile. Still, there is a way to track other information about you with that email. Hackers might find your social accounts. In that matter, you should never share in public some data like your address, date of birth, phone number, ID number, and more.

Furthermore, while you will have to provide additional information when creating an account for some new game, that doesn’t mean that you should give your real name, address, ID, and more. Always check the privacy policy and other terms to be sure that the website is secure. Also, you can try with fake details, which is a much safer option.

Besides that, the game loots and upgrades are now common in most games. However, think twice before you connect your credit card with such a website. When it comes to well-known developers like Blizzard, Activision, EA games, and others, there is no need to worry about your security. However, some less-known websites could lead to serious problems.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

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Another important thing that you should know is related to an internet connection. Having an option to access free Wi-Fi might seem beneficial, but your device can be in danger since hackers might get through by using the same network. That is the main reason why it is never recommended to connect your phone or other devices to untrusted public connections.

Always Check the Additional Files Before Downloading

The ability to upgrade the game and add new features is quite common today. Some expansions and patches will come out from time to time, and you can install them to improve various features like graphics and gameplay or add new stories to the game. When it comes to popular titles, these updates will download and install automatically.

On the other hand, games that you can play in a single mode often provide much more patches. For example, patches for GTA games, or maps for Warcraft 3. You should always check the source of the file and find more information before downloading it since it might be malware that can lead to cyber-security issues.

The Bottom Line

The best way to secure your protection while playing online games is to simply use only well-known services and avoid suspicious websites and files. Also, keep in mind that hackers often try to target players by sending them emails with gifts and promotions, but also with hidden malicious files.

When your device is updated, and you are using proper protection software, chances of facing any issues will be much lower. Still, visiting suspicious websites and downloading content there can easily lead to troubles.

You have to keep in mind that some of these issues are very serious. Someone could steal your ID number and use it to create a fake passport or your credit card number and spend the money from your account. The solution is to stay informed about the most recent security upgrades and potential threats. The problem is that many gamers never consider that it could be a treat to share data on some gaming website, especially when it comes to kids.