Digital Horse Race Betting ─ How To Get Started


You might have heard of the latest trend of digital horse racing betting, but for someone who used to go to the races, place a bet, get a ticket, and claim your winnings this might sound like witchcraft.

This is a revolutionary system that solves one problem that horse racing has. That’s consistency!

If you are looking for big horse racing events, there are no more than 40 races internationally. Therefore betting in real-world horse racing is limited and you have to wait a lot of time in order to place a bet on a popular race that has a lot of data.

However, digital horse racing runs constantly and you can bet anytime 24/7.

If this is not your thing, you can always stick around to traditional horse racing betting. Just make sure to check out this Kentucky Derby guide on the link below:

If you like to try something new, let’s answer a few questions to make the process more understandable.

But how does it work? Do horses come with unique traits and characteristics that decide the race winner? And how to place a bet?

These are some of the questions we will answer in this article, so if you are interested keep reading.

What is Virtual Horse Race Betting?


Before we get into how to get the most out of virtual horse racing, let’s first define it.

Virtual racing is a simulation of real-life horse racing in which fictitious digital racehorses and jockeys compete on virtual racetracks.

It has two primary similarities with the real thing: it allows bettors to wager on horses in a betting market before the race, and then watch a digital simulation of the event.

Furthermore, virtual races now include several real-world racing types, such as flat and National Hunt races of varying distances.

However, any resemblance to the actual thing ends there, which is crucial for knowing how to handle virtual horse racing betting.

How Does it Work?

A computer algorithm determines the race’s finishing order. This is usually called Random Number Generator.

The odds of a virtual horse are the sole criteria that can predict how well it will perform in a race. Horses with shorter odds are more likely to win, whereas horses with longer odds are less likely to win.

A virtual horse race may be thought of as a lottery, with the names of contending horses displayed on lottery balls rather than numbers.

The more balls with a horse’s name on them, the lower the odds are. The higher the odds, the fewer balls are imprinted with the name.

When selecting the first ball, the lottery machine might randomly select the lone ball with a long shot’s name written on it. However, it is more probable to select one of the balls with the favorite’s name.

Digital Horse Racing Betting Guide


Virtual horse racing betting is equivalent to traditional racing betting but with a smaller number of betting markets.

While genuine races include a diverse choice of betting markets, virtual races may appear to be limited in the betting markets that are normally available. Indeed, these can be as simple as the winner and nothing else.

As previously said, these races can be a bit more unexpected because the form is irrelevant; nonetheless, with more races than genuine ones taking place, as well as the option to watch them anytime you want, it is not surprising that they have become an enormously popular betting market.

Indeed, with the odds staying as competitive with sportsbooks for this form of sports bet as they are for genuine horse racing, it is not surprising that so many people continue to gamble on the events that occur often.

Strategies For Horse Racing Betting

Even though the race winner is decided by a computer algorithm there are still things you can do to improve your winnings. Or at least make the process more fun.

Here are some strategies you should consider:


Dutching is a well-known virtual horse racing strategic betting method. You must seek for a gap in the odds and bet on many horses to ensure that you make at least a little profit regardless of the outcome.

Bet against your favorite

If you do the math, you’ll find that betting against your favorite horse increases your chances of winning. It’s practically 1/3 if you bet on your favorite and 2/3 against it.

Research horse history


The horse’s track conduct may follow a pattern, which influences its performance. Examine its background and decide whether now is the time to take a chance on it. Homework is necessary even when the algorithm is in charge

Bet on several races

Spreading your virtual horse racing betting budget over many races and horses boosts your chances of winning rather than investing heavily in a single animal.

Don’t forget about budgeting

Gambling may be addictive. Never engage in virtual horse racing without a budget and the assurance that you will not overpay.

Final Words

Virtual horse racing betting is similar to playing slots. Both of them run on a computer algorithm and there is little that you can do to improve your winning chances.

However, if you are someone looking to spice things up and try something new, this might be a good choice. But it is important to set limits before you play, avoid chasing losses, and don’t be afraid to quit and lock in the losses for the day.