iPhone Keeps Restarting? Here’s the REAL FIX! – 2024 Guide

Getting stuck in the rebooting loop is as much frustrating as if your high-speed internet start working with 2G speed. iPhone restarting loop is one of such errors. Many iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X users complain that their iPhone Keeps restarting again and again. It is very frustrating and becomes a headache.

Thus, to fix this headache, we need to learn about this error thoroughly. In this article we are going to learn everything about “iPhone keep restarting” issue along with ways to fix this problem.

Common Instances of this error

This error can appear anytime, some of the common reports are;

  1. iPhone Keeps restarting when charging
  2. iPhone keeps restarting every few minutes
  3. iPhone restarting loop after water damage

If you are facing this problem then keep reading.

If you are facing an issue where your iPhone gets stuck on black screen with spinning wheel, then read this guide to fix it.

What Causes iPhone to Restart itself?

There is a long list of the possible reasons behind iPhone keep restarting issue. Thus, we will enlist only the most probable reasons.

1. Malware Attack

Malware attack is one the most probable cause for the restart loop. Hence, malware attack spoils any OS, this is because of installation of any unsupported applications into iOS device. It is the reason why iPhone suggests us not to download any application from other sources because it makes our device vulnerable to security threats.

2. Bugs or Uncertainty in Update

While updating the newer version of iOS, it causes some error such as bugs. It is also possible that while updating the iOS, some unusual error would occurre which causes your iOS update to be halted in between. These are the possible reasons which cause your iPhone to keep restarting due to a bad update.

3. Hardware Issue

There is a possibility that your iPhone has encountered any hardware issue. Due to the malfunction of any hardware, your iPhone keeps restarting until it is not fixed. For an instance, it is one the possibilities that your power key starts malfunctioning.

Methods to fix iPhone keep restarting issue

Here are some tested methods to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

1. Forced Reboot

Forced rebooting is the basic method to fix iPhone keep restarting loop. It is needed to force reboot the device so as to prevent it from the restarting loop until your battery drains out. Hence, you can force reboot your iPhone using these simple steps.

Step 1: Hold your iPhone from both the hands and wait until it flashes with Apple icon on the screen next time.

Step 2: Press and hold the Home button and Sleep button simultaneously to force restart your device. If you are using iPhone 7, press and hold Sleep button and volume down button for up to 10 seconds.

Step 3: Keep holding the buttons for at least 10 seconds until your iPhone reboots.

Your iPhone will be reboot forcefully this time. If the restarting problem is still not sorted, use other methods.

2. Update your iPhone to latest iOS version

There is a possibility that your current version of iOS could not support the updated apps. Hence, your iPhone keeps restarting until the iOS version has not been updated.

Step 1: Navigate and click to open the Settings application from the Apps panel.

Step 2: Inside the settings, scroll to search the General option from the list appears in settings.

Step 3: Scroll down to search the software update option. Select the option by tapping over it.

Step 4: The software update panel will flash with the install now an option at the bottom.

Step 5: Tap to start updating iOS process. If it is protected then enter the passcode to download and install the updates.

Step 6: Reboot the device so that updating the iOS will become effective.

3. Reset all the settings

You can factory reset your device but sometimes, you need to reset all the settings which could reset the faulty settings as well. If any malfunctioning happens due to bad settings of the iOS, it will reset to the factory settings.

Most of the time, it has been proven to be the best technique to fix this iPhone keep restarting issue.

Follow the steps to factory reset your settings.

Step 1: Open Apps panel and scroll down to search for settings application. You can open settings from your Home screen.

Step 2: Find and tap to select the General option from the given list.

Step 3: The General settings panel will appear. Hence, search for Reset option. Tap to open reset settings. You can find reset at the bottom of the General settings.

Step 4: Select Reset all settings to proceed further. If your iPhone is protected, you need to enter the passcode.

Step 5: After resetting the settings will be completed, then reboot your device.

4. Delete or update faulty Apps

There are many instances when the users reported that the restarting loop occurs because of some faulty apps. These apps cause your iPhone to crash and keep going into restarting loop when you open the application. Check thoroughly and delete or update the faulty apps from your iPhone.

5. Check Battery

Your battery might be damaged and it can cause your phone to restart again and again. You can get this tested by a professional.

This is a common reason specially if you started facing the problem after dropping your phone in Water.

6. Remove your SIM Card

Simply remove your SIM card and try using the phone for an hour. Make sure to connect to WiFi and notice any issues.

If the problem still persist then it has nothing to do with the SIM Card but if your problem is solved by removing SIM Card then it probable that your Carrier settings might be wrong or your SIM might be damaged.

7. Recover an OLD backup

It is always recommended that you keep your iPhone backup on your PC. If you have a recent backup, try to restore it. If the iPhone restart issue is due to some settings, then the backup will help you restore everything in proper state.

8. Contact Support

In most boot-loop and restart cases, the problem is not easily fixed. Infact, all above methods may not work.

The problem might be with hardware or internal software. And sadly, you can’t do much in such case.

Contact Apple Support and get it checked by them. They can let you know the exact reasons behind the issue and will surely fix it.


We covered and learned each and every possible aspect to fix the iPhone keep restarting problem. Also, you need to keep your iPhone away from unusual applications. The apps from unknown sources could hurt your iOS because most of the time it penetrates through device security shield and affects your iOS.

You can try any of the given methods as each method is one of the best working and efficient way to sort out the problem. You can ask any queries in comment section.