Why are Apple Games So Popular Today?

Apple devices are a popular choice among smartphone users and gamers due to the seamless operation of the device type. Players often select Apple for their communication needs along with entertainment. If you are debating Apple vs Android, you may wonder why players opt for iOS. Let’s explore the following elements that lean consumers towards the iPhone and iPad for gaming.

Free or Inexpensive Gaming

Many players select Apple for cost-effective gaming. Titles are featured at no cost in the Apple App Store or have a low price point of $0.99 to $2. The lower-cost games are still affordable and are cheaper than any physical entertainment you may find nearby.

Free games are always available, and there are several choices players can use to pass the time. A few of the most popular Apple freebies include Royal Match, Fruit Merge, and Block Blast.

One way players take advantage of games at Apple is with Apple Arcade. The subscription service is only $6.99 a month and offers access to over 200 games. The first month is free with a trial period, so players can check it out before paying for a subscription.

Quality GamePlay

Source: apple.com

Apple devices are constantly updated with the latest software to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. With games, the apps are updated regularly with the best graphics, animations, and sound effects. The goal is to create an overall experience that players will love and continue to come back to time and time again.

iOS users can access simplified games that require minimal space and are quickly loaded. Even larger games with more complicated storylines and elements take minimal time to add and will play seamlessly on your device as long as you continue to update the iOS software.

Apple offers game features you won’t find anywhere else, which helps the brand stand out from its competitor, Android.


Players want to use smartphones and tablets to take gaming on the go. Portability is key when playing games, and Apple makes it easy to play from anywhere. All you need is a good internet connection. Your location is important for a Wi-Fi connection or your network to operate properly.

In some US states, online casino games are offered for real money or sweepstakes gaming. You must be in a specific location to access app gaming on your iOS device. Portability is important here as your device needs to recognize your location so you have access to gaming. Geolocation technology determines your location and gives you access to slots, table games, and more.

You will be asked always to allow your location so the app can configure where you are. This is an important legal step that Apple helps you complete seamlessly.

Overall, Apple devices offer quality portability so you can play your favorite apps from anywhere, anytime.

Game Selection

Apple offers games for players to explore, with all types of themes and features. You can play card games, puzzle games, adventure games, casino games, and more. Console-style games have become very popular among the mobile crowd, with more titles launching regularly.

Popular games created by Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation are mimicked or even redone to create an app version for mobile players. Gamers want access to storylines and RPG-style titles that can be played anywhere. Various gaming options are available today, such as Hearthstone, Dead Cells, and Call of Duty.

Console-style games like these are immediate hits as they allow players to enjoy their favorite video games in mobile format. Mobile gaming is so popular that we expect that controllers will launch soon to give players a more immersive experience.

Gamers can connect a controller to their smartphone or tablet and play just as they would with an Xbox or PlayStation. This will create the next wave of mobile gaming for iOS devices. It will be interesting to see if a controller enters the market and just how receptive players are to it for mobile gaming.

Source: droidgamers.com

Play Apple Games Today

With so many choices waiting for you, it’s easy to start playing Apple Games today. Click on the Apple Store on your device to review your options, with freeplay apps, low-cost options, and the subscription service on offer. New options are added continually, so Apple users always have something new to explore.