9 Best Font Managers for Mac [Free Apps] – 2024 Guide

Are you looking for a good looking Font Manager Application for Mac? There are a number of Free Font Managers for Mac and this article will help you pick the best font manager software for your MacBook.

The macOS has its personal font management software, Font Book, introduced to its users by default. Windows downloads fonts to a particular folder and Linux usually doesn’t preload fonts on a system thus negating the necessity for a font management software. Default font manager is useable but somewhat fundamental. For users who use various fonts, graphic designers and web designers, there’s a necessity for more advanced software.

Managing with hundreds or thousands of fonts present the user with a number of hurdles not least being able to obtain the correct font for the correct reason at the appropriate moment. Font management software guards system fonts to block accidental deletion and regulate the activation of the fonts needed. So, these software sorts, renames, searches, views, fixes or deletes damaged fonts.

Also, the font management tool subsists in order to shield system performance and endurance. Supporting thousands of fonts on a PC undermines the performance of the PC. Activating fonts, only when needed has clear advantages.

5 Best Font Manager for Mac

So, here are the best font Managers for Mac.

1. FontBase

Possibly the best font manager for Mac, for most users, is also a free font manager. FontBase is additionally a cross-platform for macOS, Windows and Linux devices. Developed for designers by designers, the proposition behind FontBase are font activation and deactivation. Activate particular fonts when needed for certain projects then deactivate them so that they don’t harm the system. Fonts are deactivated on their own when the FontBase app is terminated.

When the app is accessible and the font is lost for a particular design report, the font is activated on its own. Fonts can be organized into groups, thus presenting the management of a large selection of fonts even more easygoing.

2. Suitcase Fusion 8

The best-known font manager and font organizer for macOS and Windows is Suitcase Fusion 8. Fusion 8 is created with adaptability in mind to help profession workflows from Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 and QuarkExpress 2018 and involves syncing, via the cloud, with the free app TypeSync. Also, this nullifies matters about lost fonts while working.

FontDoctor is also incorporated for defective font checking. Fusion 8 has a FontSense technology that examines and recognizes fonts to assure the correct font is always practiced. Again, fonts are activated and deactivated as needed and the application allows browsing, previewing and organization of various fonts.

3. Typeface

Having a minimum interface settling the focus on fonts, Criminalbird’s Typeface is a wonderfully designed font manager for Mac. Typeface allows easy browsing, including live customization of preview and size of each font—both default system downloaded and saved fonts—free from distress. A manageable and easy to use tagging method adds a different way of managing particularly large font libraries. Through pointing Typeface to a directory in macOS, any recently downloaded fonts are appended automatically on refresh. These fonts can be manually activated and deactivated and there is a font auto-activation highlight currently under construction. Font compare supports font professionals to detect minor differences among similar fonts with overlays to analyze both.

Font filters assist designers to discover the ideal font for any job by improving the searching process. Pick bold, serif or other features of the desired font to determine those that resemble.

4. RightFont

RightFont is a lightweight, fast font manager that declares to be the best font app. This app enables you to preview, synchronize and organize fonts in any place without the need to download them. Fonts synchronize on its own from Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts. Enabling and disabling of fonts is probable with a single click, despite location which saves the font. Fonts activates on its own for other software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Sketch.

RightFont, a font manager helps to separate fonts by a given order such as serif, sans serif, script, width, weight and so on. It is probable to search for fonts using keywords and is possible by placing fonts as favorites or producing custom font lists. What’s more, this app provides full access to font metadata info.

Importing and exporting new fonts is as simple as drag-and-drop to and from RightFont. It also owns huge performance benefits over Apple’s Font Book and competitor app. RightFont comprises of a free iOS app to download and preview any font from email attachments, AirDrop sharing, and iCloud Drive.  It is an application for macOS 10.11 and higher for which you need to purchase a license, though it does appear with a free trial that it is to install without prior registration.

5. FontExplorer Pro X

Designed for professionals, FontExplorer Pro X is a Mac font manager that is optimized for Retina Displays and carries Dark Mode. It is the perfect font management tool with the font set by organizations, and it automatically activates and deactivates fonts to protect the system. Mainly important when handling many hundreds of typefaces over tons of projects.

FontExplorer Pro X is an application for OS X 10.9 and above and macOS for which needs a permit. It is likely to download a 30-day free trial as it does ask for prior registration.

List of 9 Free Mac Font Manager Apps

Here is the final list of all Free Font Managers for Mac.

  1. FontBase
  2. Suitcase Fusion 8
  3. Typeface
  4. RightFont
  5. FontExplorer Pro X
  6. FontExpert
  7. NexusFont
  8. Wordmark.it
  9. Flipping Typical

Final Verdict

If you are using the latest macOS system or not, you have plenty of options for managing your fonts now. So, simply download from the list mentioned and make it happen your way. This list of top 9 Macbook font managers would have really eased out things for you. Let us know by commenting in the comment section below.