How To Hire A Dedicated Drupal Development Team In 2024?

Drupal is one of the best CMS that allows you to create any content according to your wishes. This content management system provides a high level of security, is great for handling large amounts of traffic, is user-friendly, and is also one of the easiest to maintain.

Problems may arise during the developers recruitment phase: the process may take weeks or even months. We are ready to help you find and hire the best Drupal developers who can be trusted to develop and promote your website.

Looking for qualified Drupal developers for hire?

After reading our article, you will know what to pay attention to when looking for such specialists:

Ideal Candidate Profile


At this point, you should decide what role and qualification you expect from your Drupal development agency.

You can think about it yourself or discuss it with HR.

Job Interview

Interview potential developers to assess their Drupal knowledge, coding skills, and problem-solving abilities. Crafting effective interview questions for Drupal candidates is crucial to evaluate their proficiency accurately. Consider asking about their experience with Drupal modules, theming, and version upgrades. Inquire about their approach to debugging and troubleshooting common Drupal issues.

This will help to identify the best performers that meet your requirements.

Experience Working with Drupal

Drupal developers


Perhaps the key factors in choosing Drupal developers for hire are their competence and proven technical experience.

Ask how long has the company worked in the market, can it develop websites from scratch?

It is also useful to look at the portfolio of previous works and find out what types of websites the company has created previously. By analyzing this information, you will be able to understand how correctly and technically well your project will be implemented.

Reviews from The Past Clients

You can both read reviews left on the developer’s website and contact clients personally. All this will help to get a better idea of the professional attitude of your contractor and the quality of their previous works.

Understanding the Project and Expectations from The Work


An experienced developer must be willing to work as a team, and also be able to adapt easily to your business features and work culture.

Having good communication skills ensures that the developer understands your requirements and finds ways to implement them. All this will not only save time but also have a positive impact on productivity.

Continuous Technical Support and Maintenance

It is not enough to develop a website. It is important to update it in time so that it remains convenient, fast, functional and secure.

Thus, the ideal candidate should be available every time you need to upgrade the resource, add the necessary updates or do some technical work.

Troubleshooting and Debugging

Troubleshooting is the process of identifying bugs that prevent a resource from functioning as intended. In turn, debugging is the elimination of the errors found.

A good developer should be able to quickly find and fix bugs without affecting your project performance.

Participating in the Drupal Community


This community brings together different developers so that you can find answers to your questions or get the necessary support.

Working Conditions

At this stage it is necessary to discuss the terms of the project implementation, its results, the expectations of the contractor from you, as well as his remuneration.

Our Recommendations

The previous paragraphs certainly made it clear and helped you to understand what you need to pay attention to when choosing a developer for your project.

Despite all this, finding such a candidate will certainly take a lot of your time. If you are not ready to make a significant effort to find the perfect candidate, our choice of Drupal developers for hire is the Drupfan company. This competent developer is a leading provider of Drupal development services, and its experienced team is ready to help with all your website development needs.