How to Buy Insurance Online? A Beginner’s Guide

Buying insurance is not exciting as it requires more time, attention, and proper research. But it is a significant investment everyone must make to protect his belongings and earning power. As we buy many other things online, we can buy insurance online too. An insurance policy when purchased online provides the same benefits and coverage as a traditional policy does. But it is convenient, accessible 24 hours, and involves less paperwork. Even one can buy it from the comfort of the bedroom.

What is online insurance?

Online insurance policies work just like the traditional ones. You choose an appropriate type of insurance as per your individual needs, pay the premium and the company will cover agreed financial damage or loss in particular situations. For instance, when you buy funeral insurance online, the insurer will pay the coverage to a beneficiary when you die. The obtained money will be used on your funeral expenses. And when you buy medical travel insurance, it is useful to cover medical bills when you get sick during the vacations. The only difference is you complete the entire process online without meeting the agent or insurer in person.

Tips to Buy Insurance Online?

As there are so many insurance companies available online, finding the right company with enough coverage can be confusing and overwhelming for beginners. Continue reading the article to find out an ultimate guide for buying insurance online.

Assess Your Insurance Needs


Before you get started, you should assess your insurance needs carefully to determine how much coverage you need and what you want to cover with an insurance plan you are about to purchase. With a life insurance plan, you may want to replace your monthly income in case of your death and want some additional money to help your family pay outstanding balances, debts and medical bills, etc. When buying insurance online, you should choose a plan based on your current financial situation and your monthly income. This will help you get enough coverage without getting out of your monthly budget.

Research About Available Online Insurance Companies and Plans

There are so many online insurance plans available these days. Depending on your insurance needs, you should search for an appropriate type of insurance plan and gain enough information and knowledge about that. Think about the significance of the plan in your financial plan and how you can get the most out of that. Understand how online insurance works and choose an insurer and plan that fulfills your individual needs. Having loads of information about online insurance will help you avoid future problems.

Compare Online Quotes

When you submit required personal information, some insurance company websites provide you with online quotes that you can use to see the premium, the coverage you will get, and claim process, etc. Some online insurance companies send quotes via email while some others make telephone calls to interact with potential insurance customers. Get insurance quotes from multiple insurers and compare them all to choose the best option to move on. Some online insurance aggregators can also help you find the best insurance plan as per your insurance needs and requirements.

Know the Right Time or Age to Buy Insurance


Most consumers ask about the right time and age for buying insurance. Experts say that one should buy an insurance plan as earlier as possible to get better premium rates and enough coverage. Buying a life insurance plan at an early age allows you to pay a lower premium because your current health condition matters a lot and plays a vital role in reducing life insurance costs. If you want to buy auto insurance for your car, you should buy one right after you have purchased the vehicle.

Check Claim Settlement Ratio

When it comes to buy insurance online, CSR or claim settlement ratio is an important factor to consider. This helps you learn about the company’s process of claim settlement and the number of claims settled by the company in a given period of time. If online insurance has 98% CSR, it means they have settled 98 claims out of 100. You can also check the annual report of IRDAI to find out the CSR of an insurance provider you are considering buying an insurance policy. It also helps you get a better understanding of the quality of their services and their commitment.


Buying insurance online comes with greater convenience as you can buy any insurance plan anytime anywhere you want. Hence, you should find out an insurer who is reliable and has a strong background in the industry. Checking customer reviews and recommendations is also a good idea to understand the credibility and trustworthiness of an online insurance company.