Are There the Legal Risks of Using Temporary Phone Numbers: What You Need to Know

You don’t always need to use your normal number to register on certain sites or access applications and services that require SMS verification. This can be done, for example, with the help of the OnlineSim service, where you can even choose the country and the period of use of the number to get exactly what you expect. It is often more convenient to take a different path and instead receive SMS verification online.

Can disposal numbers be used for verification?

People are likely afraid to use disposable numbers for verification in various services, such as social networks, messengers, banking applications, etc. It is a very common myth that it is illegal or has some other negative legal consequences, and in fact, everything is different.

No one can limit you in using a virtual number, because technically, it looks and is displayed exactly the same as any other number of one or another operator in a specific region. Even businesses successfully tie virtual numbers to their sites and use them, because this method has numerous advantages.

So, you can verify on various resources and platforms using a temporary or permanent virtual number. The exception may be situations when you want to use a one-time number for authorization in the banking application. It is not recommended to do this for the reason that it is better to link a separate financial number to financial services. It can also be a virtual number. But it is important that you have constant access to it. In the case of single-use numbers, there is a possibility that another user will reuse them, and this should reflect better on the safety of your funds.

So, feel free to use it without fear of legitimate risks. At the same time, consider the situation and specific circumstances. There is nothing illegal in registering on a forum, messenger, or online store using a temporary number. But when it comes to medicine, finances, and parent control apps, you’re better off having a separate number for all these things.

Are there legal risks to using a temporary verification number?


Despite the convenience and safety of the service, there is still a legal risk:

  • If it violates the terms of service you are using;
  • If someone wants to use a one-time number in fraudulent schemes;
  • If a person needs a temporary number to steal other people’s personal data, spam, disclose confidential information, etc.

Please note that most of the actions listed above are illegal, even using a regular phone number. Thus, when you do not plan to use the number with criminal intent, you have no reason to worry about the legitimacy of the service.

In the meantime, remember that using temporary numbers for criminal purposes has legal consequences. Use any communication services responsibly and in accordance with the laws of your country.

Advantages of virtual numbers: protect your data securely

Using a temporary number for SMS confirmation allows you to avoid disclosing your personal phone number, which reduces the risk of receiving unwanted calls and messages. It’s also excellent fraud protection because it’s hard to hack an account verified with a temporary number. Therefore, you remain protected from the theft of personal data.

At the same time, temporary numbers are very easy to use: to receive SMS messages, you do not need to have physical access to your main phone. You don’t even need to install a physical SIM card, either, so you can have as many virtual numbers as you want and use them as you see fit. At the same time, third-party resources do not get access to your real phone number, and you neither receive spam nor risk losing confidential information.


Where to buy a temporary number?

Use the services of OnlineSim to get a temporary or permanent virtual number for any need, particularly for SMS verification. Remember that disposable and temporary numbers, unlike virtual ones, have a limited validity period. However, you can continue to use the selected option by paying the appropriate tariff. You can also contact the company’s managers to get individual terms of use of the service that will best meet your needs.