The Tech Behind Online Game Algorithms

Online gaming has taken the world by storm, with more and more people enjoy this way of playing their favourite games. There are so many different ways you can play too, from PC gaming to smartphone gaming, the possibilities are endless. Lots of casinos are making a move over to the digital world as well and offering games like slingo bingo and slot machines online. However, you might be wondering how it actually works, and if the games are fair. If so, keep reading and discover the tech behind online game algorithms.

Random Number Generators: What Are They?


A random number generator (RNG) is used when playing online games such as slot machines and other casino games. They’re a part of the algorithm that aims to make the results of the game random and fair. For instance, each time you spin the online slot machine, the results need to be random, yet still fair. The RNG help to make sure of this and keep the game fair for everyone involved. The RNG picks the results at random from the list of available results, which helps prevent patterns from emerging and keeps the results of the game objective. RNGs can be used in any type of game where you need to be assigned something at random, such as cards in a deal or numbers on a bingo card. So, as you can see, RNGs are used in a lot of online gaming.

Different Types Of RNG

There are actually different types of RNG that work slightly different from each other. There are True RNGs (TRNG) and Pseudo RNGs (PRNG). A TRNG uses environmental factors to determine the results. This could be anything from something as weird as atmospheric noise to any other sort of interference. Because of the this, the results are genuinely “true”, making them entirely random when placed into the algorithm. PRNGs are slightly different, as they use the computer algorithm more effectively to ensure the results are always random. However, because the results are being chosen from an algorithm, it doesn’t make them truly random, meaning the results can be duplicated. You would have to probably play the game thousands of times to get repeated results, but it could happen as the PRNG has to pick from a set of numbers in the algorithm.


How Do RNGs Work?

RNGs will run off of the algorithm for that game, which means they’ll have to pick the results bases on what the algorithm is showing them. For example, when you play the online slot machines, there are only a certain number of combinations that you can choose from. When you start the spin, the RNG is working in the background to pick through the different numbers which will eventually be your results that the payline lands on. This method works very well for casino games as it ensures that the results are fair, and no one will have any advantages.

Gaming algorithms may seem quite complicated, but in actual fact, they’re pretty straightforward. RNGs are the most common thing that you’ll see in the algorithms as they can be used in all sorts of games. From casino games to RPGs, there will always be a RNG involved in your online game somewhere. So, now that you know how these games work, pay close attention to your next gaming results when you play and see if they feel more random than before.