Premier League 2024: Brace Yourself for a Sensational Season of Surprises!

As we are getting closer to the EPL finals, every betting site is compiling odds to be able to better reflect on the chances of the top clubs lifting the trophy. At the moment – and in fact throughout all this season – the two absolute favorites are Manchester City and Arsenal. But what’s it gonna be in the end? Who will win the EPL 2024?

Manchester City is regaining its ground in making it to the top of the favorites for becoming the champions of the EPL 2024. Arsenal now stands 2 points clear from Man City in the EPL table, but the truth is that the Citizens have gone a longer and more persistent road to the top than the Gunners.


While Arsenal was up until recently favored to win the Premier League this season, many experts and football analysts suggest that we should not be surprised if Man City actually lifts the trophy in the end. And in fact this is also manifested in the sportsbooks’ forecasts and predictions, which now place the Citizens at a better position, with odds far more favorable for their outright win.

Manchester City are now given more than 51% chances of winning the league, while Arsenal are given almost 48%, you can also read more about it on totalizators. And these are in fact the changed implied probabilities, since up until some time ago, Arsenal was way ahead of Man City -at least according to sportsbooks and betting sites.

Pep Guardiola’s insanely strong commitment to victory and Haaland’s dedication to overcome any barrier in the field are particularly crucial for City’s stunning chances of winning on the 28th of May.

So, on the one hand we have Guardiola, whose undistracted persistence in getting till the end and making it over the top  is the kick the City needs, and on the other hand we have a squad that is killing it. And we can distinguish Erling Haaland, who seems to be able to avoid any obstacles in his rundown all the way towards scoring a goal.


Those who see Man City to be ahead of Arsenal also point out to the fact that the Gunners have indeed gone too far, but that’s just about it. So, while the fans of Arsenal are cheering and applauding their favorite club’s run up until now, some commentators argue that the club has actually gone much more far than anyone would have expected. They have been really good, but from now on their discrepancies and their weaknesses will come to the forefront and will make the lifting of the EPL trophy a much harder thing to accomplish. And these weaknesses are mostly due to the relatively low time in Mikel Arteta’s management compared to their major opponents.

So, what’s it gonna be in the end? We don’t know which club is going to make it in the final match and whether this will be Manchester City or Arsenal, but we know that both deserve to be on the top of the favorites’ list with way more chances than everyone else in the EPL right now.