Why Are Fans Needed in the Workplace: Guide 101

With the world becoming more and moreproductive, it is important to make sure a workplace prioritises worker’s wellbeing sand safety. There are many ways to do this, but one element that is important is proper airflow and ventilation. This not only helps to improve air quality within a building, but also ensures that employees are more comfortable and healthier. In this article, we take a lookat the benefits of purchasingfans for the workplace. Keep reading below to learn more.

Why workplaces need proper ventilation

As people spend a lot of time indoors, indoor air quality plays an essential role in one’s productivity, health and comfort. In fact, ventilation is one of the most important controls in office environments, with good ventilation having a positive impact on the workforce. Below are a few reasons why workplaces need proper ventilation. m

Improve employee comfort

People spend a lot of their lives indoors working. As such, air quality and temperature are vital considerations that can impact an employee’s productivity when they are in the office. For instance, if the indoor air quality and temperature are at a comfortable level, employees are more likely to feel better, leading to better productivity and work being produced.In fact, focusing on tasks becomes easier when in a comfortable environment, with a basic level of comfort going a long way to improve employee morale.

Improve employee productivity

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As mentioned above, good air ventilation and quality have been known to support decision-making skills, concentration, stamina, energy, satisfaction and more. This is because lower levels of CO2 and higher levels of fresh oxygen and air can help the brain perform at its peak potential. This means workers in better-ventilated buildings are more likely to contribute to higher levels of productivity, creativity, critical thinking and strategising.

Sick leave

Having bad indoor air can be detrimental to worker’s health. For instance, it can leave them with eye irritation, inflammation, and difficulty breathing. It can also aggravate existing health conditions that a person may already be struggling with. As such, having good ventilation is so important for businesses. This is because ventilation systems help workers stay healthy in the long term. In fact, there is a correlation between more ventilation and lower absence rates. This means workers are less likely to be absent, which is always great for the business.

Regulate energy use

For businesses, managing energy bills is a major concern, with ventilation and heating taking up a considerable amount of energy. That said, there are ways to balance and reduce this cost, especially with good ventilation. For instance, the amount of energy being consumed is usually directly related to the amount of ventilation being provided. So, by using proper fans and ventilation systems, businesses can increase the efficiency of their entire building’s heating and cooling systems in the long term.

Create pleasant place for clients and customers

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Having good ventilation can help businesses create a pleasant environment for clients and customers who are visiting. After all, one of the worst things that can happen is showing up for a meeting and sweating due to the indoor climate being too stagnant or hot. Instead of focusing on what is being said, participants will only want to get relief. Instead, businesses should consider using ventilation fans as a way to put people at ease. This is because a comfortable atmosphere will help keep potential customers and clients relaxed, as well as reduce indoor odours.

Control humidity

Another good benefit to having fans and a good ventilation system is the ability to control the humidity indoors. This is because fans and other forms of ventilation can help recapture of the moisture in the humidified air, which decreases the energy needed to humidify fresh air. Keeping humidity levels low can also reduce fungi, mold, mites, bacterial growth and viruses as well, in addition to preventing a plethora of health problems and allergies.

Types of fans to choose from

Wall mounted fans: Wall mounted fans are similar to ceiling mounted fans, with the one difference being that they are mounted on walls.  This makes them perfect for indoor spaces where installing a ceiling fan may not be possible, and they also work well in offices.

Ceiling mounted fans: Much as their name suggests, these are fans that are mounted overhead. This makes them highly suitable for many office environments and meeting rooms that have a relatively low ceiling headroom. These fans can help remove stale air as well as circulate fresh air from outside through the use of ductwork. This helps make sure the room remains refreshed and smelling clean.

Roof mounted fans: these fans are installed on roofs, which makes them great for industrial spaces such as factories that have a high ceiling headroom. Some of these applications include installing them in industrial facilities and commercial buildings. Roof mounted fans are great when smoke or fumes need to be expelled from a building, as the ductwork can lead unwanted air out of the area directly.

Explosion proof fans: Explosion proof exhaust fans are typically best suited for dangerous or potentially explosive environments. These include industrial spaces such as factories and manufacturing plants. Therefore, these fans are designed with special materials that are less susceptible to exploding.

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Bottom line

Overall, there is a huge importance with maintaining good air quality in a workplace. This not only helps to improve employee morale but can also save on operational costs in the long run. Of course, make sure to pick a fan that suits the workplace configuration and works best for your business needs. For instance, an office may require a different type of fan when compared to a factory.