You Might Have These Problems When Trying to Fix Your iPad

There are not many things more frustrating than when you’re usually reliable tech, like an iPad, stops working.

Whether you’ve caused the problem or it’s just stopped working for some reason, you might be a little tempted to try fixing it yourself to save some time and money.

Unless you’re a trained and experienced repair technician, the chances of you being able to fix your iPad without causing another problem are quite slim.

A lot of knowledge and expertise is required to be able to properly repair an iPad, because there are a lot of complications you can across in the repair process.

If you’re tempted to fix an iPad yourself, we recommend you keep reading so you can understand the potential difficulties you might face in the process.

Common Issues You Might Face When Repairing an iPad


When you look for repair specialists for technological devices, you might have seen that they tend to highlight their field of expertise – some repair technicians might work exclusively with only one type of product, like smartphones, while others might offer repair services for certain operating systems or brands.

The reason for this is that technology is constantly evolving and a lot of knowledge is required to be able to understand the repair process generally, but also any changes in technology.

You might have had some luck repairing some sort of tech device in the past, but trust us, it’s just not worth the time, effort or the money you think you’ll save in the process when it comes to repairing your iPad.

One of the first obstacles you might face when repairing an iPad is the outside housing and how to remove this. To remove the outer shell of your iPad, you need specialised tools and equipment like the right adhesives (for when you’re putting it back together), and heating mats to help loosen the existing adhesive. When it comes to separating the glass or back cover from your iPad, you often need a heat mat to loosen the adhesive, however, if your device becomes too hot, it can be irreparably damaged. Plus, chances are you won’t have a heat mat in the first place, so you’ll spend time and money trying to source one.

There’s also some specialised knowledge around when the iPad should be on or turned off. Some repairs might repair the iPad to be powered at a particular time, other repairs might require you to turn the iPad off during the repair. If you do this at the wrong time, you might end up with a fried iPad.

As the iPad is made of lots of delicate pieces together, if you do manage to get the outer shell off the iPad, you run the risk of damaging the wires, cables, ports, and logic board inside. One wrong move can send your iPad to the grave. Even computer and IT experts have difficulties when it comes to ensuring all the sensitive pieces are in the right places, and we’ve even had to try to repair iPads that have had someone try to repair them first – which sometimes, we can’t even fix them.

Another piece of the puzzle that might seem simple are the screws and fixings that keep your iPad together. You need to keep careful track of which piece came from what area of the iPad. If you force the wrong screw in, you run the risk of damaging in the delicate insides, or cracking the outer shells.

Don’t Risk It


We know it’s super tempting to try to fix small issues yourself, even when it comes to tech devices, but we cannot stress enough that you should leave it to a professional. Not all repairs are straightforward – in fact, most are not. And if you don’t have the knowledge and experience, you might end up in a position where your only option is to replace your device.

If you happen to be in Sydney and have a broken iPad, don’t stress, because here at Fone Teknician Sydney, we’re experts at repairing iPads, as well as iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. We have extensive experience, we’re iOS certified technicians, and we come to you, wherever you are.

So, don’t risk it, leave the iPad repairs to the professionals.