8 Signs You Need to Change Your Recruiting Software

Recruitment is an essential process for hiring the best candidates in a company. It is crucial to find the perfect talent that helps in boosting the productivity of a business. The process is quite complicated and time-consuming. Many organizations use recruiting software that simplifies their process and gets them talented employees.

All the process of interviews, conducting exams, and other onboarding stages go smoothly. Like StaffGlass, you can use different tools and applications to make the recruitment process easy. But sometimes, you may not get effective results, and hence, you need to change your recruiting software.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the signs when we should change the existing application and switch to another. In the following write-up, we will discuss some signs you need to change your recruiting software.

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You are Operating Manual Tracking Method

If you are using Excel to track and maintain the records of the employees, you are using manual procedures. It can be a slow process to monitor the candidates and takes a lot of effort to pick the best talent.

In this way, you can lose many people during the recruitment. In case of many entries, you may need a person to handle the data entry job. It is hard to manage the records manually because you can mix up the data easily.

When you have to create a report, you need to compile data, which can take a lot of effort and time. You require software that can simplify your tasks, and you should manage the data with ease.

Poor Connections and Communication

If you are getting difficulty while connecting and communicating with candidates and managers, it is hard to send emails and continue other follow-up procedures. It will decrease the speed of the recruitment process.

You may lose talented candidates or may not send information about good employees to top-level managers. Sometimes, it can be frustrating for the applicants, and they will not like to connect with your company. An organization needs to send a response to the rejected candidates through emails.

In this way, you are consoling them that they are rejected with respect, but they were considered for the position. In case of poor connections, you cannot send those emails, and hence, it can disappoint the candidates. This is where it can pay to have a recruiting agency to carry out initial interviews and handle all communications up to the hiring date.

Worst User Experience

Nowadays, many people are using applications and technologies to get into the recruitment process. It is easy to find and apply for the desired job by using the software.

But whenever you use any application, you consider its interface and other functionalities. But what if you get confused or waste a lot of time in the searching and applying process.

In such a case, the user experience is not up to mark. It can ruin the reputation of your brand, and hence, you can lose various candidates. You need effective software through which anyone can search and apply for the position in your company. The user must access the application through mobile or laptop.

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Manual Job Posting

Many company recruiters keep posting positions on different job sites. But they are wasting their time because they do not get enough response through this technique. If you use effective software, you have to post about the job only once, and within a few links, it will post to other sites simultaneously.

In this way, you can save time and effort. If you still rely on manual job posting methods, then you should consider using new software.

Writing One-Word Offer Letters

You cannot write too many offer letters on MS Word and send them through emails to candidates. It can be a time-consuming process, and hence, the formatting of the letter does not look professional. By using recruiting software, it is easy to write letters and send them to many candidates simultaneously. Make sure that you choose the correct template and write specific information.

It will simplify the hiring process. But if you are writing one-word offer letters and sending them to your employees, it ruins your brand reputation. In this way, you cannot include all the necessary information, and hence, it will confuse the candidate. The entire process will slow down, and you have to suffer a massive loss.

Losing Good Applicants

Many applicants lose their chance of getting hired by companies due to bogus reasons. Sometimes, a candidate cannot send the desired resume with a lack of information or do not fill in the details in the form.

A massive fault can happen with the software through which you cannot get relevant information about any person. Change the software to avoid losing such talented candidates. You may be losing golden opportunities to interview experienced and talented applicants.

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Wasting Your Time

A company can have many other operations than recruitment. But what if the staff is wasting most of their time on this process. You require effective software through which you can increase the speed of the recruitment.

You need advanced technology to send resumes to hiring managers via emails. If the application does not support fantastic features or making your process slow, you need to change the existing software.

Not Operating the Existing Software

There can be many reasons you are not using your existing software like it is complicated or taking too much time to complete operations. If you are getting any problems, make sure that you change the old application and get a new one.

It should be simple to use and perfect enough to handle all your operations. There is no use in keeping any software that is doing nothing for your recruitment process.

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to consider all the mentioned signs to know whether you should change your recruiting software. You cannot waste your time finding and hiring employees for your company.

You have to manage things, and for that, you need a perfect application to do your tasks automatically in less effort and time. Keep your recruitment process smooth and quick.