Reigniting the Casino Revolution: How Streaming Leads the Charge!

The first online casino was built around a novel online money transfer solution built by the Rivkin brothers (of CryptoLogic fame) back in the mid-1990s. What sounded like a novelty at the time has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry over time which continues to grow as we speak.

Since then, online gambling has continued to evolve. One of the major evolutionary leaps it took was the introduction of live dealer games in the mid-2000s, bringing the personal touch of real-life casinos right to the players’ fingertips. And now, the industry is preparing for another leap that will add new layers of social interactions to the game.

What’s a live dealer game?


A live dealer casino game is in many ways the same as one played in a real-life casino. There is a gaming table in the studio operated by a real person who’s handling the cards or spinning the roulette wheel. Behind the scenes, though, there’s an elaborate setup of cameras and an entire digital infrastructure that ”reads the table” and transforms what’s happening into digital signals that reach the gambling client on the players’ devices. Players can bet on the game in real-time at home or on the go.

Live dealer games have proven to be some of the most successful casino games to date, sought after by players worldwide.

Casino game streaming

Game streaming has become one of the biggest hits of our modern times. So much so that we have entire platforms built around it, like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Players stream their game live on one of these platforms while providing commentary – it’s a simple formula that works surprisingly well.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that there are content creators who play casino games in the same format. Slot machine streamers have a considerable following. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the industry is using this new trend to offer casino players a brand-new form of gambling online.


Betting behind

A few game developers are taking the trend of slot machine streaming into online casinos. But instead of idly watching others play their favorite slot machines, though, players now have the opportunity to “bet behind” them, too. Companies like Livenspins have partnered up with several game studios, as well as streamers, to provide a brand new experience to slot machine fans who are ready to take a more passive role in the game.

It’s basically slot machine streaming, but with a twist: players can bet on the game the streamers stream. It’s like sitting behind a player at a casino and betting on their hand. This way, casino players can not only follow the others’ streams and have fun listening to their commentary but also experience the thrill of gambling, all on the same platform.

Streaming was the thing to bring on the first evolutionary jump in the world of online casinos. Now, it seems, that streaming will be the technology to bring on a new one. Combining content creation with gambling is an idea that will certainly catch the eye of the community, adding some necessary social elements to the otherwise lonely game.