5 Ways Smart Technology Has Changed Holiday Shopping – 2024 Review

Well, Christmas is just around the corner, so if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, it is high time you do it. Nevertheless, due to the current pandemic situation, holiday shopping this year is a bit different. You may not be able to go to a mall and make a full day out of it like you normally would, but still, technology has you covered.

In the following article, we will discuss how it has changed our shopping experience and how it can make the entire event more enjoyable during this holiday season.

Online ads

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Surely, you have noticed that every time you look for a piece of clothing or some item online, you get bombarded with the ads for quite some time. It doesn’t matter if you have just visited one website for a few minutes because these ads will pop up on every social media platform you use.

At first, this may appear to be annoying but think about it. The commercials for the same product will pop up, but they will originate from different stores and websites. It means that you will have an opportunity to research these easily, compare different prices, maybe even find a coupon or a discount, and purchase it at a significantly lower price.

This may not seem like a significant advantage when buying something for yourself, but it can be quite beneficial when it comes to holiday shopping. Let’s put it this way. When you want to get a new gadget or a clothing item for yourself, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on it. After all, it is a single thing you need. Nevertheless, this is not the case when it comes to holiday shopping. Surely, you have to buy numerous gifts, and the overall expense can be quite high. This is just one of the many ways for you to save some money.

E-commerce stores

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Don’t you just love these? Shopping has never been easier since you can do it from the comfort of your own home. If you aren’t into going to busy malls and competing with other customers to get an item you really want, online shopping is probably your new obsession.

These websites enable you to get anything you want. And when we say anything, we mean anything. There isn’t merchandise you cannot order online nowadays. This feature comes in handy, especially during the holiday season. In the past, you would have to spend days, if not weeks, going around the city, visiting stores, look for things to get, or on the other hand, looking for a store that holds a certain product you want.

Nowadays, this isn’t necessary. All you have to do is find a website where you can get it and check if they have it. Even if it isn’t available right now, you will be notified as soon as they get the item. Obviously, the chances of facing this problem are higher during holidays, especially if it is a popular item. To avoid this altogether, you should start putting in orders a few weeks in advance. Still, if you haven’t done this, you may get lucky.

Sales and discounts

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You aren’t the only one troubled by the current covid pandemic, but brands are also. Due to the restrictions and safety of their customers, not only do they offer all the products online, but they offer discounts and coupons that would otherwise be available only in their stores. Yes, this is another chance to save some money.

If you already have favorite e-commerce stores, visit them, and learn whether they offer some discounts to loyal customers. Most brands have taken this initiative to boost their sales. On the other hand, you can visit websites like www.diebestengutscheine.de, or just do an internet search. Surely, you will find everything you need to make everyone’s Christmas a bit more cheerful this year.

AR features

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Since technology has had a great impact on everyone’s shopping experience, it is only natural that more and more features are being included, and augmented reality is one of them. Surely, you have come across it before, but as it turns out, it can be quite beneficial when gift shopping.

Basically, the websites that offer this feature enable you to see how the product will look, and therefore, help you decide whether you should purchase it or not. AR is most commonly used by furniture companies, but today, you can even digitally try out clothes and makeup products. You have to admit that this not only cool but also a great feature, especially when buying a present for someone else. For example, you can upload a photo of your friend, fill out all the questions and requirements, and start playing with clothes or colors, and testing which ones look good on them.


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Finally, delivery is the greatest advantage of online shopping. There isn’t a single person who would have to say something negative about it. Okay, there is the problem of delays, but if you go with a reputable brand, this probably won’t be an issue.

When you go Christmas shopping, you are bound to end up with many bags and items, and carrying these to your house can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a car but have to use public transportation. Yes, this situation can make us miserable. Well, technology has eliminated this problem completely.

Once you have gone through all of your favorite websites and ordered the merchandise you wanted, all you have to do is wait for it to be delivered to your front door. How convenient is this? Naturally, you should still try to complete your shopping list beforehand simply because the stores struggle to deliver everything in time due to high demand.


All in all, as you can see, technology has had a great impact on our shopping experience, and it has made it more enjoyable. When it comes to holidays, you should try to order as many gifts online simply because you will save a lot of time you would otherwise spend running around the city. It doesn’t matter what you are buying, be it jewelry, clothes, skincare products or Christmas candles online in Australia, things are much simpler these days. Plus, don’t forget all those sales and discounts we have mentioned.