5 Ways Technology has Changed the Way Vacuum Cleaners Work – 2024 Review

Each one of us has a vacuum cleaner in our home, and we can’t deny the importance of these devices when it comes to keeping our environment clean and dust-free. Some people use vacuum cleaners more often, others not so much, but this is a personal preference and it depends on what type of person you are. Some have a medical condition that doesn’t allow any tolerance for dust, so those people vacuum a lot more often than others. However, it’s recommended for the average person to do this at least a few times per month to prevent unwanted health-related issues.

Most of us feel lazy when the time for vacuuming finally comes, but can the reason for that be our outdated vacuum cleaner? Technology changes everything around us and these devices are not left out either. The first models that came out on the market were not even nearly as practical as the ones we have today. In today’s article we’ll talk about technology and how it managed to change vacuum cleaners for the better, so let’s take a look.

  1. The removal of annoying cords and cables

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One of the “signature” parts of vacuum cleaners was a cord. Most vacuum cleaners even had one of the two main buttons dedicated entirely for cord control, the other one being for power on and off. Most people disliked the thought of having to drag the cable across their entire apartment so they can vacuum their room. This gets even more complicated if you own a pet that gets frustrated at cords and wants to eat them anytime they get near them.

Note that cords are also heavy, even though they don’t seem like that at first. They add at least one kilogram of weight to the vacuum cleaner, especially if you purchase a model that has a really large cord to support your use from one part of your home to another. Cordless models use batteries obviously, and these batteries are quite light, making the entire cleaning process a lot easier for the user. For a great example of a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can take a look at estore.novita.com.sg

  1. The addition of HEPA Filters

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HEPA filters became quite popular now since most people in the past couple of years invested in at least one air purifier for their homes. Air pollution is quite high in heavily populated areas, so if you live in a larger city chances are you’ll need one along with your HEPA filter on the brand-new vacuum cleaner.

Yes, vacuum cleaners now have HEPA filters and this wasn’t a thing in the past. HEPA filtration happens to be the most efficient solution for modern vacuum cleaners.

  1. More compact devices – Convertible models

You no longer have to drag this device with both hands or call your significant other to help you with it. Nowadays even old people who are totally out of shape can use a vacuum cleaner with only one hand because they are so light and they don’t take a lot of space as well. Modern vacuum cleaners are great for storing as well.

You can store them almost anywhere you want and they won’t be even noticed by people coming into your home. Just take a look at the earliest models and compare them to the ones that came out in 2024. The difference is pretty noticeable, isn’t it? Size isn’t all whatsoever, some people like their home to look modern, and old cleaners don’t look modern.

By convertible cleaners, we don’t mean only cleaners that can be “re-shaped” so they take less space while being stored. We mean cleaners that can be modified to help you reach spots that are high up on the ceiling or any other tricky areas that are otherwise difficult to clean with a traditional cleaner.

  1. Digital displays indicating any errors or malfunctions

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An old vacuum cleaner can easily run into an issue related to a blockage or whatever, but you’ll never really know what happened unless you are someone proficient in fixing such devices, or should we say a professional electrician. However, that’s not the case with new vacuum cleaners.

Modern devices have a digital display that pops up a message describing the current condition, any errors, chances for overheating, or a clog in the filters. You immediately know what needs to be replaced to avoid any further issues once you take a look at the display. You no longer have to wonder what’s going on and why your device started producing strange noise, a weird smell or suddenly stopped working at all.

  1. Less noise and increased performance – Smart functions – Wi-Fi

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Modern vacuum cleaners can be connected to the internet through a wireless connection, and you can access various functions by using your smartphone that’s also connected to the same network. This wasn’t even something that people thought can happen in the past few years, but nowadays it is reality.

On top of this, these vacuum cleaners have increased performance compared to the ones we had in the past, and they produce less noise which makes them great for usage while your children sleep. You won’t be getting any complaints from your neighbors as well.


Technology improves everything around us, and even when it impacts something as small as a vacuum cleaner, it’s still a significant increase in quality of life. We no longer have to roll our eyes at the thought of cleaning our room with a vacuuming device. Instead of being an annoying, loud, and dusty activity, it can now be an enjoyable process, one that helps you feel so much better afterward. The sense of accomplishment and joy is quite high after taking care of your living environment, and since in the pandemic most of us spend a lot of time at home, this is of huge importance.

As always, we’re thankful for the time you took to read this and we hope to see you in the next one. Stay safe and productive.