Top 5 Trends of Premium Business Cards in 2024

The relevance of a business card is the same as your smartphone. When you meet new people, giving your business card to them is the only way to grab their attention. It’s rude and discourteous to ask someone to store your contact number on their smartphone at your first meeting.

It’s always a classic and sophisticated approach to showing or presenting your business cards to people to enhance your business or professional network. Business cards serve plenty of purposes. But, in the last few years, visiting cards have gone through a complete sea change.

The position of visiting cards has now assumed a primary role not just for identity purposes but it helps for lead generation purposes. You’d be surprised to know that if your card is not well-designed and informative, you might unknowingly dissuade customers from doing business with you!

In short, the look and content of a visiting card matter a lot. Therefore, you should pay maximum attention while getting it designed or created. At the same time, don’t forget that it needs to be as per the latest trends.

Here are the top trends of premium business cards in 2024 that you should follow

1. Cards with Innovative Shapes


No doubt, rectangular-shaped cards have dominated this segment for many decades. But now things are changing. Entrepreneurs and professionals now prefer going for out-of-the-box designs and formats. Instead, they prefer square-shaped cards vertically designed to make an impactful appearance at any workshop, seminar, dealers meet, or conference.

2. Digital Cards or Ecards

If you wish to woo your customers or prospective clients at the first meeting, go for digitized premium business cards. These timeless cards facilitate hassle-free interaction with you and your customers even days or months after you meet each other. It’s the most innovative and attractive way to reach out to your audience without making them feel clumsy.

Moreover, these cards also allow you to showcase your products, services, and business website URL without any issues. So it’s the right time to start using digitized cards to increase your professional network and get more clients for your business.

The benefits of digitized cards include easy transfer of information from device to device, sharing more information, driving additional traffic to your website and contact page, tracking engagement rate through your card, and you can easily edit any information whenever you need.

3. Cards with Photos

Gone are the days when business cards contained text only! With the advent of digitized cards and advanced technologies, it’s more helpful for professionals and business owners to put their pics or selfies on business cards.

A profile picture or DP on the card adds a professional touch, making it complete.

4. Holographic Business Cards


If you are looking for trendy business cards, opt for holographic ones. These cards are ideal for evoking customers’ interest in your brand while adding credibility to your card. Of course, colors can still play an important role, but then when the card comes with a holographic effect, customers instantly fall in love with it.

Such a card is unique and looks spectacular in light. A slight variation in the positioning of the card can reflect multiple colors. Your customers won’t mind spending a few minutes with such a card as it can fascinate them to the core.

5. Multipurpose Cards

Multipurpose business cards can be either digitized or in paper format. You should know that primarily digitized business cards are already available for multiple purposes. They not only carry your contact details but also provide direct access to your business websites and project portfolios. Thus, a multipurpose card can generate leads besides furnishing your contact details to your customers.

In the case of paper cards, you have to incur additional expenses to make them serve multiple purposes. For example, you can offer people your visiting card with a small pouch free of cost. Such a pouch can hold napkins, a piece of paper, etc.


In Conclusion

You’ve plenty of options while getting your business card designed. However, it completely depends upon your discretion on what type of business cards you want. Considering the current trends, a digitized business card will be better for you as the details in the cards can be easily transmitted to the recipient’s device using a single key.

You can design your e-card using the available templates and color options. Your customers may also love using them as they are convenient and easy to hold. With more than half of all printed cards going inside bins, it’s highly recommended that you opt for an attractive ecard, which is not just eco-friendly but can be vital for your brand promotion activities, too.