How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone – 2024 Review

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7 is a very easy and straightforward process. The only thing that you need is an unlock code and you’re good to go. So, when next you’re stuck and want to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7, don’t be afraid. We will show you a simple and direct procedure that you can use.

First off, you have to know that unlocking your device is totally legal and safe. Don’t fall for any lie that talks about the illegality of the process. Well, unless you’re using dubious means to perform the unlocking process. Here’s how to go about the entire process when you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7:

Get Your IMEI Number

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When the thought to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 crosses your mind, the very first thing that you’ll need is the IMEI number. Every smartphone on the planet has its distinct IMEI number, which is the identification that it uses.

For those who don’t know what IMEI is in full, we’ll enlighten you. It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier. It is the unique code that every device has. And how do you tell your IMEI number? It’s simple, just open the phone app and dial #06#. You don’t even need to press okay, as the IMEI number will pop up on the screen. Using the IMEI number is the surest way to tell if your device is legitimate or not. Of course, this is a topic for another day.

After you find out what the IMEI number is, write it down on a piece of paper, or better still, screenshot it.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone

Now that you know what you need to kick start the process of unlocking your device, let’s look at the procedure.

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Free Unlocking

You can easily unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 for free. Wondering how you can do this? It’s pretty simple. Just visit the cell provider’s website to complete the process. Fill in the details on the website, including the IMEI number and the email address to receive the unlock code.

However, you unlocking the device is contingent on meeting the set criteria and eligibility. For instance, one thing that you have to note is that you should have completed the payments for the phone. Or the contract binding you to the company should be done and dusted. Otherwise, you’ll have a pretty hard time when you’re looking to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7.

If you’re not sure of your eligibility for a free unlock, then you can just call the cell provider to confirm. The worst that they can tell you is a no, and you won’t lose any money anyway. Unless you talk of losing your time trying this procedure.

The unlock code you’ll use to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 should arrive in about a week. But there’s another problem. Some people don’t just have the patience to wait that long for something as vital as this. You probably thought of the idea last minute before your journey overseas. And you want to use the local cell provider to avoid roaming. So, that’ll bring us to the next method you can use to quickly unlock Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Paid Unlocking

Paid unlocking is an alternative way to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7. Instead of having to take chances with your cell provider, not knowing if you’re even eligible, why not consider a paid option instead.

So, what exactly is paid unlocking? This is when you use a third party website to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7. And the good thing is that you can use this method even if you don’t qualify for the unlocking, according to your provider.

You only need to locate a website that can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7, and send them your details. Oh and about the details by the way, never send any private or personal information. In fact, if any third party website asks for your personal info, run as fast as you can without looking back.

There are plenty of fraudulent websites online trying to swindle vulnerable citizens out of their hard-earned coins. Don’t become a statistic of their terrible acts. Take care of your online safety just the same way you take care of your personal safety.

And you may be tempted to ask next – how do I distinguish a credible site from a fake one? It’s simple, as we always tend to say. If you were told to distinguish a cat from a dog, obviously you would do that. But if you were asked to do the same distinction between a cheetah and a leopard, some would be confused. The point here isn’t that we’re getting you a job in the zoo. The point is – you can tell a fraud from a legitimate company by analyzing the finer details. Any person can create a website that looks legitimate. But one thing that’ll help is checking the reviews. Always ensure you check what other users say about the service.

Final Thoughts

In summary, we’ve looked at how you can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7. You can decide to use either the free or paid way to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7. For more information about this topic, check this website.