9 Ways to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Hacked – 2024 Review

Having your smartphone hacked is probably one of your worst nightmares. These devices have become a vital part of our everyday life, meaning that we use them constantly to communicate with friends and family, to entertain ourselves, to complete business-related tasks, and so on.

It means that your smartphone contains all sorts of data, from personal information that can be misused to sensitive business details that can ruin your company. What’s more, no one wants to have someone else snooping around their private messages, photos, and other content. Nowadays, there are many hacking apps, so here are some telltale signs that your device has been compromised.

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Short battery life

No one knows your smartphone better than you, meaning that you will be able to notice if the battery drains faster than it used to. Sure, batteries weaken over time, and this is the reason why most people opt for buying a new device after a year or two. However, if you notice this problem after only a few weeks or months, it may be a sign that your phone has been hacked.

When this occurs, the device has to work extra hard to transmit all the data to a third-party server, so it will use more power than usual. This process will continue in the background even when you don’t use the device. When it comes to this, there is absolutely no way that you won’t notice the difference, so you should first make sure that the phone itself isn’t malfunctioning because this can happen sometimes. If everything checks out, it is time to suspect that someone is using a hacking app on your device.

The battery heats up

As you can tell by now, the battery’s strange behavior can be a symptom. We have already explained its short life-span, but there is another thing you should look for. Smartphones heat up when used for longer periods of time. It is a natural occurrence. Still, keep in mind that this is not supposed to happen when the device is not being used.

A lot of people would attribute this to the fact that it is really hot or that they left it in the sun (which is something that you shouldn’t do). Obviously, this can happen, but if you notice that this pattern is continuously occurring and you throw the short battery life in the mix, it is almost a certain sign that you have been hacked.

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Increased data usage

Nowadays, most of us rarely reach this monthly limit. After all, how could we when we can connect to a Wi-Fi network almost anywhere? The thing is that some spying apps use the phone’s data to transmit the information. This isn’t that surprising since they collect all kinds of content, from text messages to social media data, etc.

You should explore how these work, so for more details, go to https://www.jjspy.com/text-message/10-sms-trackers/, and you will understand what we are talking about.

If you notice that your data usage has skyrocketed and that you have been reaching the limit for a few months in a row, it can be another suspicious sign you should investigate. This is even more important if you are certain that you couldn’t have possibly used it all.

Random activity

No, your smartphone shouldn’t emit any noise, and the screen shouldn’t light up when you are not using it. Yes, it can restart on its own if the system has just been updated, but if this happens to continue, something may be wrong.

We have already stated that these apps transmit all the data to a third-party recipient, but an intruder can also use it to control your device remotely. So, if you notice that it lights up without any apparent reason or it make unexpected noise, you should inspect it for spying apps.

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Background noise

Top-notch spying programs are practically invisible, but those that are less sophisticated may run interference with the device, and the most common one that occurs is a background noise during calls.

We have all had a problem with bad reception, but this is not it. This type of disturbance is very rare nowadays because the signal is digital nowadays. If you notice cracking sounds or your voice is echoing during the call, there is a pretty good chance someone is listening or recording your conversations.

Strange text messages

This is another telltale sign this is highly unlikely to occur, especially when it comes to state-of-the-art software. The way a malware app works is that it sends encrypted data to your phone.

In normal circumstances, you would even notice these. However, sometimes they may malfunction, so you may receive an odd message. It will include a bunch of random numbers, letters, and symbols. This is a pretty obvious indication that there is a hacking program on your phone.

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Hacked emails

If your friends, colleagues, and family member have notified you, they have been receiving strange emails from your account that you haven’t sent, there is a pretty good chance someone else is operating your inbox.

When we say someone else, we are talking about spying software. No, it is not a simple bug, but instead, you have been hacked.

Go over your apps

Have you noticed an app on your phone that you didn’t install? If you don’t recognize it and don’t understand what its purpose is, it is a sure telltale sign of a spying app. Depending on the software, these should not be visible on your phone.

Nevertheless, if they aren’t well-developed, they may leave obvious evidence, such as previously mentioned text messages, funny noises during phone calls, etc. If you are not sure that your privacy is compromised, but you suspect it to be true, you should go over all the apps in your menu, and don’t forget to inspect the list in Settings.

Strange pop-up commercials

Yes, we all hate these, and they cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you are presented with the commercial based on your Internet search, likes on social media platforms, and the like. If you notice any strange pop-ups, they may be an indication of the malware software on your phone.