What Kind of Vehicle is Best for a Mid-sized Group?

So you’re traveling with a mid-sized group. Say you’ve got the family together, and the kids want to bring their friends on a trip. Or perhaps you’ve planned a reunion with college classmates.

On these kinds of trips, you’ll want to rent a car or minivan that is appropriate to the size of your group: big enough to seat everyone comfortably, but not so big that you’ll have 70% of the seats empty. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for mid-sized groups.


Minivans come in different sizes and comfort levels. You can get a 9-seater or something slightly larger. When you rent a van in Dubai, the options are plentiful. The car fleet in the Emirates is truly vast, so check in advance what to choose when you’re going on vacation to Dubai.

Among the best minivans you can get this year are the following:

Toyota Sienna. This minivan comes in different options, and if you’re worried about gas consumption you can even get it in a hybrid model. It will seat eight people comfortably and have room for you to store your belongings.

Honda Odyssey. The Honda Odyssey is a popular option for families. It offers quite a few features, including even such things as heated and ventilated seats and a one-touch monoroof!

Chrysler Pacifica. The Chrysler Pacifica seats seven and has its own “Stow and Go” system. The minivan’s in-floor storage bin system is hard to beat if you’ve got a lot of things to store and don’t want them all hanging overhead.


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SUVs offer a slightly different but still worthwhile experience. Among the favorite options this year are the following:

Toyota RAV4. This option will give you good mileage for your gas and plenty of space to move in. It’s also an extremely sturdy vehicle that you can take off roading or any variety of places thanks to its multi-terrain capability.

Honda CR-V. This option is also rugged, with four-wheel drive and advanced horsepower. You’ll also get plenty of cargo space with this option, so it’s a good choice for camping or skiing trips where you’ll have a lot to take with you.

Hybrids and EVs

If you’re looking to save on fuel, you might want to check out either a hybrid or an EV. Considering the amount of fuel that it takes to run most cars of this size, it could be a good option for your rental.

Some of the top choices are:

Kia Niro. Not only does this SUV give you great mileage, but you’ll get some other big perks, as well. A 10-inch touchscreen display with navigation will help you move around comfortably. You’ll also get a smart key with a push button and remote starting options.

Toyota Highlander. This SUV will give you a panoramic moonroof, third-row seating, and heated and ventilated front seats, among other things. It also has a wireless charging option for your devices.

Ford E Transit. This minivan is completely electric and comes in three options of varying height, length, and seating capacity. If you can find a charging space, you’ll be sure to save a bundle on the rest.

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Figure out Your Priorities

As you can see, you’ve got plenty of options these days for SUVs and minivans. Think about the number of people you’ll have, the amount of baggage that you’ll need to include, and what amenities are important to you. If you want a bit of luxury, look into a vehicle that’s got plush seats and a little more legroom. If you’re looking to squeeze in a larger group, pick an option with an extra row in the middle.

And if you’re going to be driving long distances, it wouldn’t hurt to go electrical or hybrid! You’ll be surprised at how gas can add up.