Why Your Business Needs A Call Answering Service

As a business owner, it is highly likely that you will often find yourself in the position of wearing multiple hats at the same time. Especially at the start or in the very beginning, it can be really easy to take on far too much responsibility. One of the easiest things that you can actually delegate and to help to free up your time, while also increasing your credibility and trust within your client relationships, is hiring a call answering service. Read on to find out how this can be a massive benefit to you and your business.

So what is a call answering service?

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A call answering service is simply a service where you hire a company to provide you with a receptionist essentially. You can choose to have this service cover all inbound calls, meaning that you hire someone to take calls, forward them to you, and screen them for you. Or you can also hire them to make outbound calls in your place.

Using a call answering service can help you with:

  • Customer service
  • Setting up client appointments
  • Collect outstanding payments
  • Carry out surveys
  • Take orders from your clients

And so much more.

What are the benefits of using a call answering service for your business?

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The best thing is to think of hiring a call answering service as a mix between hiring a virtual assistant and a receptionist. There are incredible benefits to hiring one, and we’ll be addressing the many reasons why you should consider hiring one here.


There really is only so much time in a day, and as much as we like to think we can accomplish anything and everything at the same time, it’s simply not feasible. Even if you’re an accomplished and successful business owner. If you’re just starting out, hiring a call answering service can help you save time with things like making calls, and can help you prepare for appointments or network with other business owners to see if they would like to team up.

If you’re an experienced business owner, then hiring a call answering service will free up time for you in this area of your business and allow you to focus elsewhere so you can spend most of your time finding ways to scale. Others may simply want to free up time to spend more of it golfing or with family.

Fewer interruptions

We are pretty sure that you’ve probably experienced this before. You’re working on sending an invoice out, or are planning something for your next meeting when the phone rings. After talking to a prospective client for twenty five minutes, you hang up and continue. This happens another five times, again and again, and before you know it, three and a half hours have passed and you have literally made zero progress on any of the stuff you were meant to do.

The unfortunate reality is that as much as phone calls are an important part of any business, they can also be quite distracting and interruptive, when not handled by others. Having someone specifically dedicated to answering and making phone calls can greatly increase your own productivity and allow you to make great strides in business.

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Fills the gaps

You can’t be everywhere at the same time, that is an unfortunate fact that all business owners must face at some time or another . We’ve established this. However, sometimes you receive several phone calls at once. Or maybe you’re on vacation, or at a business meeting. That one missed phone call could have been a great missed opportunity that you won’t get anytime soon again. A call answering service can step in whenever you aren’t able to fulfill the demand of your customers.

Additionally, you can also offer extended business hours through this service, whether that’s 24/7 customer service or just especially long hours. This can blow your competition right out of the water and have your clients confidently choosing you every single time.


Having someone on hand at all times to answer the phone for you and to patch your client through to you will ultimately create a very professional image of you and your business. It paints a picture that you are successful and high in demand, you’re busy, and you are successful. It gives the appearance that you yourself are too busy to answer phone calls, and that you need to hire someone else to do so for you (which is true).

It’s simple psychology to know that we want what we can’t have or that which seems like there’s little of it. By having a call answering service, you indicate your time is valuable and that not everybody gets it. Therefore those who talk to you, often appreciate your time so much more because they feel special that they were able to talk to you when others can’t.

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Hiring the right call answering service

If you are now finding yourself in the position where you are actually looking to hire a call answering service, there are quite a few different elements and things that you really will need to consider and to ensure that you keep an eye out for. Some of these things include cost, testimonials, native language of the call answerer, and ultimately how focused they are on providing great customer service. At Kendlebell they look forward to providing you with the perfect answer! So check their website and find more information about them.