Microsoft Endpoint And Why Your Business Needs Them

Microsoft Endpoint combines Microsoft device, network, and server management systems such as Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager within the cloud.

Endpoint has been designed to add value for all businesses regardless of the extent to which they have migrated onto the cloud. Discover below how Endpoint can help push your business into the next generation.

Following Workplace Trends


The main advantage of Microsoft Endpoint in your business is that it can facilitate transfers in line with modern workplace trends. After the pandemic, there is an expectation amongst the workforce that they will be able to work remotely using their own devices.

A McKinsey study of real estate workers found that just 13% would opt not to work remotely if they had the option. However, allowing your employees to work from home on their own devices increases the risk of your business suffering a data breach.

Microsoft Endpoint helps you to facilitate remote working practices. It makes it far easier to secure devices across your networks with consistent software and security measures.

Leading IT professionals from Micro Pro in London say that integration with zero-touch provisioning software such as Windows Autopilot not only reduces the effort of securing endpoint but is far more cost-effective and reliable that on-premise servers.


Many businesses struggle to find a process that they can always call back to when conducting further cloud migration. This is the main inhibitor of cloud networks’ scalability.

Microsoft Endpoint steps into the breach by helping your business to create and maintain well-established processes for all stages of cloud migration.

The other aspect of cloud migration where scalability is impacted is the need to have incredibly strong cybersecurity to protect your company’s assets during this vulnerable time. The enhanced risk can undermine confidence in cloud migration processes and slow them down. Having cloud security measures automatically deployed across endpoints means that cybersecurity ceases to be a progress halting stressor, and your cloud migration can run at a faster pace.


Microsoft Endpoint helps you to make such grand changes in your business’ direction because of the analytics that it offers. Endpoint collects a vast amount of data on the company’s activities and the working styles of those within it and then allows you to compare this data within the organisation and industry baselines.

The result is a new ability for data-driven management, allowing informed decisions to be made. These decisions will be effective in improving the efficiency of your network and reducing the costs associated with it.

Unified and Controlled Security


Your business will also benefit from improvements in its everyday functions, particularly in terms of customisable security. Microsoft Endpoint connects a range of security services and allows total and consistent control across them. Your IT staff will point the system towards the threats that will need to be remediated, and it will respond automatically and appropriately.

Advanced Systems with Microsoft Endpoint

Endpoint is, without a doubt, the most exciting product currently within the Microsoft suite for businesses of all sizes. It allows them to create networks of previously impossible complexity while ensuring that the everyday running of the business is fully optimised.