6 Best Apps For Paying Child Support Online in 2024

In a lot of cases, your phone can do a lot more for you than simply being a device you use to post pictures on social media or talk to your friends and family. There are millions of incredibly useful apps found on the Play Store and AppStore as well. The apps we’re interested in today are the apps you can use to pay or receive child support payments.

In case you didn’t know, there are several applications for your mobile device that you can download and use to deal with child support payments. Today, we’ve decided to present you with the list of the best apps you can use to do so. Let’s get started.

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  1. Ohio Child Support

Ohio’s Child Support mobile application allows its user to easily and securely access their child support case information from their device at any time and any place. First off, you have to register an account to access your case and all regarding information. You can also make payments via credit cards, checking or savings account. You are able to choose how you want to receive the payments. You can opt-out either for a direct deposit or through the OCS debit card program.

With this app, you have a complete overview of your payment history for the past two years. You’ll receive updates and notifications for any activity. It also allows you to communicate with your child support worker and offers information on any local agencies. Both yours and your child’s personal information can be added and updated at any time inside the application.

  1. NJCS

The New Jersey Child Support Case Information is the official application for the state of New Jersey. It allows both parents, custodial and non-custodial to retrieve information related to their case. Naturally, you can only view the information on your case and you’ll need to register a user ID in order to use the app.

Through this application, non-custodial parents can make direct deposits directly via the app using a credit card. You can set up and manage your monthly payments directly from the app and see the complete payment history. All of the case information is also accessible through NJCS. As it was the case with the previous mention, you can locate the closest support offices or child support agencies.

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  1. GA DCSS

Another app that you can use both as a custodial and non-custodial parent is the GA DCSS. Once again you can easily access your alimony case through your mobile device. You can see all the case specifics and details. Once again, you are able to make alimony payments, speciality payments and more straight from your phone. One of the additional features this application has is the feature to upload verification documents you might need in a case.

As far as managing payments goes, you can once again add, remove or update direct deposits from this app. The payment history is limited to one year only, but that isn’t something to be concerned about. Just like with any other app, you’ll receive alerts and notifications with any recent developments or valuable updates.

  1. DComply

The number one rated child support payment app for both Android and iOs is DComply. It’s is remarkably easy to use and set up, the interface is clean and tidy. It’s an overall great work by dcomply.com. Just like the others, your transactions are secure and fast. You have a complete overview of every transaction and expense through this application. All of your financial records will be secure, so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Money transfer is virtually instant, so you can send bills directly to the other parents and when the bill is paid, money is directly transferred into your bank account. You can scan receipts and keep the expense log for whenever you want to send the bill, you can set up automatic payments and so much more. This is easily the best option for divorced parents that share the expenses and like to keep everything transparent and swift.

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  1. Child Support, Expenses & Alimony for Co-Parents

This one is really simple to use and set up. By the time you’ve read the name, you’re already using it. You’ll be ready to use it in less than a few minutes. This app, like the previous one, isn’t associated with any state, it’s just a great tool for divorced parents to use, regardless of where they might live. As far as features go, the one we’re most interested in is working well. Once again, you have the ability to submit bills and receipts with just a few clicks.

Keeping records of expenses is also really simple, you snap a picture and it is stored within the app’s memory. This one is also really good for all separated or single parents that need to share the expenses associated with raising a child. They’ll both have complete insight into every expense and can easily work together towards a common goal which is raising a kid.

  1. Truece

Truece allows you to master co-parenting by presenting you with a set of tools to help you manage everything that comes with it. From tracking custody, making alimony payments, keeping expenses records, managing a family calendar and keeping a parenting journal – there isn’t much this app can’t do. It differs slightly from the previous ones, as it isn’t solely focused on making payments and sharing the bills. This one has the potential to be your true friend and ally. It doesn’t even require for the co-parent to be a user for it to be helpful. It’s absolutely free and promises to stay the same, so it definitely worth trying out.

Aside from these apps, you can pretty much use any e-banking app to make and receive alimony payments. You’ll have to use other means to get receipts and take a look at all the expenses, but it would still be possible to make those payments without writing a check. Some of these allow insight into the whole case, offer additional information and some even help you become a better parent – which is ultimately all that we want.