8 Best Cigar Apps for Your Phone

While there’s nothing wrong with vaping and e-cigarettes, many old-school smokers still prefer to keep their tobacco habits a bit more traditional. Of course, just because someone prefers “the old ways” of consuming tobacco, doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the new technologies surrounding it. Smartphones and mobile apps are the backbone of today’s society: whether you like it or not. It only makes sense that there’s something out there for our cigar lovers as well.

In this article, we’ll list our favorite cigar apps to help you connect with other smokers, learn a thing or two about your favorite tobacco products, and manage your cigar connection properly.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

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  1. Cigar Scanner

Cigar Scanner is a perfect app for both tobacco newbies and veterans alike. It allows you to scan your cigar and learn everything about the brand including its history, quality, and popularity. You can also access expert opinions, reviews, and ratings to help you choose your next favorite products while you’re at the tobacco store. The app is quite popular as it’s simple to use, has a variety of features (including social forums), and above all it’s free!

If you’re a passionate smoker, then this is the app for you! You can share and talk about your favorite brands, learn in-depth information and optimize your choice of cigars in the future!

  1. Davidus Cigars

If you’re living or traveling to the Washington or Baltimore area, then the Davidus Cigars app is all you need. It displays all cigar stores in the mentioned areas and provides useful info on brands you can find out there. Again, at least for now, it’s a bit limited geographically speaking, but it may develop more in the future (so keep an eye on it!).

Overall, it possesses an intuitive interface, interesting design, and it’s quite straightforward. We all know that many smokers have issues finding the best tobacco stores in their vicinity, and this app provides them with the ability to find out just that by simply tapping on a button.

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  1. CRA- Cigar rights of America

The CRA is a group advocating for our rights to enjoy premium tobacco wherever we are. They provide updates, news, and articles on everything tobacco-related, and supporting them means aiding the fight against anti-tobacco movements all around the US (and beyond). As mentioned at CigarCigarInfo, their work is a necessity nowadays. So, their app is undoubtedly worth the download if you’re a true tobacco enthusiast.

Other than just providing you with crucial tobacco information, you’ll also get expert opinions and reviews on the matter. It’s also a perfect place to learn about current events in the industry, especially if you’re a newbie.

  1. DogWatch Cigar Radio

DogWatch Cigar Radio is one of the most famous and informative cigar-themed podcasts out there. The app gives you access to instant updates and real-time live streaming events hosted by various tobacco experts and enthusiasts. Of course, if cigar smoking is only one of your pastime activities, and you’re not incredibly passionate about it, then it may not be the app for you. Even so, we suggest you give it a try as we truly believe it can spark that extra interest and broaden your knowledge.

The app offers some paid premium features, but accessing and subscribing to the podcast is completely free. Whether you consider those extra features worth it or not is on you, but the podcast itself is undoubtedly something that will pique your interest.

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  1. My Cigar Humidor

If you’d like to keep track of your smoking experiences and share them with other cigar-lovers while you’re at it, My Cigar Humidor is the perfect app for you! You can post photos, reviews, and your thoughts on your newest tobacco adventure in a manner of minutes. You can even add the place where you bought it and how much it costs to keep for future reference.

It’s quite useful, especially if you’re someone who often experiments with different brands. Besides, it’s incredibly easy to use and it can provide you with tons of useful information to further enhance your smoking experiences.

  1. Cigar Review

Cigar Review is one of the best-reviewed cigar apps found on the App Store. It allows you to read and enjoy hundreds of tobacco product reviews and vote on their credibility. It’s almost like a social media network aimed directly at tobacco users and enthusiasts such as yourself. The only downside to it is its “outdated” design that may put some people off at first. Still, the app is completely functional and almost bug-less, making it worth the try!

You do need to pay for the app, but it’s extremely affordable. You’ll get excellent features and access to a wonderful online community. It’s undoubtedly one of the best cigar apps available for Apple users, so don’t hesitate to check it out!

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  1. Where to smoke

Smoking and tobacco regulations are becoming more rigorous by the day. These laws change so quickly, that many smokers are unsure when and where they’re allowed to smoke their tobacco products. Well, if you’re based in the U.S, this app might be the perfect solution to this problem! It shows you all the locations where smoking is allowed, which can help you prevent making a mistake and paying a hefty fine for it.

For now, it’s Android exclusive, but it might come to Apple in the future. It also offers some other useful features that will make it your favorite app in the world!

8. Boxpressd Cigar App

The Boxpressd Cigar App is the ultimate companion for cigar enthusiasts looking to elevate their smoking experience. With its easy-to-use interface, the app offers a wide range of features, including a virtual humidor, cigar journal, in-app shopping, cigar shop / lounge finder, cigar event locator, and so much more. All designed with the aim of helping users keep track of their cigar collection, discover new cigars, and enhance their smoking experience.

One of the app’s unique features is the ability to create a personalized flavor profile by rating the strength, body, and flavor of each cigar smoked. The app then uses this data to generate personalized recommendations, making it easier for users to find cigars that suit their taste preferences. Additionally, Boxpressd Cigar App offers a vibrant community where cigar enthusiasts can connect, share recommendations, join groups and find out about events. The Boxpressd Cigar App provides a one-stop-shop for all your cigar-related needs. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

The bottom line

All in all, there are many tobacco-related apps you can use and enjoy on your smartphone today. These are some of the best we’ve found, but they’re not all there is to it. Don’t hesitate to try some other apps as well, and share your experiences with others. Besides, the mobile app industry is only growing, so we can expect some new smoking apps to come to our app stores in the future.

In conclusion, we hope you check out these apps we’ve mentioned, and we hope you find them useful!