6 Best Text Editors for Mac [Free in 2024]

Seasoned programmer or a beginner trying his hands on coding for the first time, a good text editor is a primary need. Today, there are tons of free text editors for Mac that you can use to work as per your preference. Alongside, if you are looking for something top-notch, you can even opt for paid text editors for Mac. These will save you a lot of time too.

Choosing the perfect text editor becomes a bit of a problem sometimes and for the same, we bring forward the 6 Best Text Editors for MacOS.

Let’s dive in and get all the details about the best Mac text editors that no one knew about.

Sublime Text 3

For all the perfect reasons, sublime text 3 is one of the best text editor for Mac. Apart from being famous for Mac, it also offers the best features to the people. Some of its features include syntax highlighting and folding, easy navigation, powerful API, more than one ways to select, and a lot more.

Goto Anything is one of the most called of features of Sublime Text 3. With the help of this feature, you have the privilege to jump off to different symbols, lines, or even random words if you are looking for it.

There is a simple keyboard shortcut for implying the same user which you can directly access the feature.

Download Sublime Text 3 here.


Looking for something as better as Sublime Text 3, well, you are in the right place. Out of all the text editors, Atom serves the purpose equivalently equal to Sublime. Atom, on the other hand, it is an open-source software that is both modern and approachable. It is built on HTML, CSS, and Node.js and is fully automated on Electron.

Atom is fully rich with features. Alongside, if you are looking for more additional features, then there are tons of open source packages that will enhance the new features and functions.

Also, you can easily customize the software. If you are wishing for it, you can give a complete makeover to your application. To enhance the feel of it, you can also use different themes with the help of CSS.

Download Atom here.


It would be a total injustice if we talk of Mac text editors but not brackets. This software focuses primarily on web design. Overall, most of the front-end developers opt for it and is a pretty easy choice for most of them to be a part of. Adobe made the explicit design on brackets making it one of the finest text editors of all time.

Apart from that, it is completely free to use a text editor. Another best feature of this software is “Live Preview” with the help of which, one can see the different forms of change they make. The developers can keep an eye on it and understand the drastic mistakes from it as well.

It works extremely well with other Adobe products like Extract which will give the privilege to the users to extract the colour, measurement, and everything else as per their choice.

Download Brackets here.


In the long-time running, this is one of those text editors for Mac that is beyond competition. It is known for being the king for all the good reasons. So, if you are someone with a sole focus of putting your concentration on writing long contents like novels, Scrivener is the one for you.

Additionally, this also comes with a learning curve teaching the best versions and implications of using it to the people. Just an hour or so to get familiar with the interface and with that, you are good to go to use the software with your full potential.

Download Scrivener here.


This is yet another finest MacOS text editors out of the lot. It provides its supports for tons of different languages and is ideal for coders to use. C, JavaScript, XML, PHP, and so on, you can code in any language on this finest text editor.

One of the concerns that come along is its reliability. It has been more than 25 years now for it to support the themes. Alongside, you can also spend some extra bucks to get hold of the Ultra Products from the options. Go for a trial version to see if it fulfills all your typing needs.

Download UltraEdit here.

Visual Studio Code

Microsoft developed this fantastic text editor to give a tough competition to all the text editors out there. It comes fully packed with tons of features to be a part of. You will fall in love with the features and optimization that this software has to offer.

Some of the primary features of visual studio code are its fine ability through which it can highlight any syntax for more than 30 different forms, a keyboard-centric approach for editing, and automatic real-time description for API. It comes with a support for a very big library for an extension. Some of the popular extensions that it offers Git Lens, Azure Storage, Vim, and Debugger.

The best thing is, it is free to use.

Download here.

Fee Mac Text Editors

So here’s the final list of Best Text Editors for MacOS.

  • Sublime Text 3
  • Atom
  • Brackets
  • Scrivener
  • UltraEdit
  • Visual Studio Code


Well, these were the best text editors for Mac that you can use to enhance even your typing or coding. These text editors are free but you may have to spend a little to get hold of the additional features. Good luck using them.