Building Your IPTV Video Streaming App: 3 Tips

Some decades ago, we had to go to the cinema to entertain ourselves. Today, it is a lot simpler. We need to take a device, enter a website or open an app, find a video to watch, and enjoy. That’s possible thanks to applications capable of exchanging information through the Internet.

Thanks to these applications, brands can be closer to viewers and generate more revenue. An IPTV app is a great tool to reach your viewers and cover more devices.

In this article, we are going to explore three things to remember when you are building an IPTV app. Let’s begin!

1. Choose your revenue-generating model


IPTV services generally have three monetization models:

  • AVOD – Advertising-based Video-On-Demand. In this case, a video streaming platform offers content free of charge and generates money on ads. Ads are usually provided by third-party companies that want to “buy” your audience’s attention. It is a win-win situation because targeting on IPTV platforms can be more accurate than, for example, on television. It means that companies have more chances to reach those people who will be interested in their product.
  • TVOD – Transactional-based Video-On-Demand. This monetization model is also known as a pay-per-view approach. People purchase a specific video they want to watch soon.
  • SVOD – Subscription-based Video-On-Demand. Platform provider allows viewers to get access to videos for a limited period of time – a month or a year. A viewer has to purchase a subscription to receive that access.

Platforms often use a hybrid monetization model. They combine several approaches allowing users to choose the payment method that is convenient for them.

For example, it can be a subscription and a pay-per-view model. Viewers can get unlimited access to videos with a subscription or pay for every single video.

It is up to you to decide which model suits your goals.

2. Use a white-label solution

When it comes to apps, you can either develop them from scratch on your own or obtain a ready-made solution. IPTV companies took care of applications for you. They design a solution that requires only customization.

The whole architecture is already built and developed. Everything a provider needs to do is to use their own colors, fonts, and other design elements to customize the application.

Obtaining a white-label solution saves you time and money. If you develop all by yourself, you will need to wait months, while a pre-designed solution can help you start tomorrow.

3. Work on the most important components


The most important components are your audience and business niche. You need to define what your product is, what problems it can solve, and who your target audience is.

Knowing your audience is a crucial part of any business strategy. When you know your customers, their needs, and their values, you know how to present your product or service. It becomes easier for you to find ideas for your videos and create them.

You don’t waste your time and money on marketing channels that your viewers don’t use. You advertise only on those where you can reach your audience. You save time, money, and effort.

When you know your audience and communicate with them, you learn their problems and can adjust your content according to their needs and questions or even launch a new product.

Final Thoughts

IPTV applications can be a great investment for your video streaming business. It will help you cover more devices and boost user experience. People will be more satisfied with the application’s operation as it will adapt to end users’ device requirements.