Can You Buy and Sell Bitcoin Anonymously?

Thinking about buying BTC or possibly selling it online? A lot of people worldwide share the same passion for cryptos as you, while a lot of them don’t know how to approach it anonymously. In 2024, you have four ways of acquiring Bitcoin: mining, earning, exchanging, or buying. If you want to know more about your rights when it comes to Bitcoin and if you want to know how to get it without verification, keep on reading and find out all there is to know!


Is BTC anonymous?

This depends on how you look at it. The truth is that it is hard to track and trace it, and it is a lot safer and more trustworthy than a bank account or credit card that is under your name. However, it is not as trustworthy or anonymous as cash that can hardly be traced.

All transactions of bitcoins are stored in blockchains, which isf nothing but a public ledger. Your most basic (yet crucial) data is stored here, making your use somewhat exposed. To use Bitcoin anonymously, precautions need to be taken to prevent your true identity from being associated with your transactions and addresses.

Can you trace Bitcoin?

Anyone can view data associated with every transaction within the system of this cryptocurrency. This is because the blockchain is public data, making it accessible for every user. However, your identity can’t be tracked and traced back. Your name will not be shown anywhere, just the numbers themselves. Any person can check the traceable history of the coin. However, the details of the linked person can’t be traced.

How to buy Bitcoin anonymously online?

If you’re looking to anonymously buy bitcoin without leaving the house, your best bet is to use a P2P exchange. You can pay through your bank account on there, use gift cards or PayPal, but everything stays hidden.

The price for anonymity is usually inconvenient and vice versa. It is up to any user to decide how much he or she is willing to sacrifice one for the other. However, the best method of buying Bitcoin secretly is by depositing other cryptocurrencies on these platforms and then exchanging them with Bitcoin. We will expose and talk about some options down below.

Different ways to buy BTC anonymously: top 6 ways


1. Paxful

With Paxful traders can make a transaction in a secretive and anonymous way, applicable for online or in-person transactions. You can use it with an alias email address. You should make your purchase with cash to secure the anonymity of your transactions for Bitcoin. The duration of completing the trade varies depending on the payment method. The cash payment method doesn’t require any documentation and it won’t be a hassle for any individual. There is a minimum of $10 across over 350 payment methods including the most local ones.

2. BATMs

BATMS are ATMs that are near you where you can buy BTC with cash. These high-quality, modern, and innovative ATMs allow users to make purchases only with cash. Heads up since this exchange process can get pretty pricey (fees can be anywhere from 5% to 10%). Most BATM manufacturers don’t ask for any kind of verification. Just make sure that you store your purchased crypto in a wallet where it will be safe. If using a full wallet, copying an existing block folder will speed up your process.

3. Prepaid cards

The simplest solution! You can buy Bitcoin anonymously with prepaid credit cards which are quite popular methods nowadays. You can get these cards from any convenience store or supermarket that is near you. It is one of the quickest ways to get crypto, as well as an affordable and safe solution. Also, it works worldwide and anywhere in the world since every store carries and has prepaid cards. Perfect for both selling and purchasing reasons.

4. Coin Corner

Ever heard of it before? It is a Bitcoin broker located in the Isle of Man. You can make big transactions and buy BTCs worth up to EUR 1,000. The best part? No need for an ID or photo of any kind for verification. Although it may not be as easily accessible this option may work for some users. However, they have helped more than 200,000 people in over 45+ countries worldwide. This is one of the most popular solutions in the United Kingdom.

5. Bitsq

Originally known as Bitsquare, this decentralized crypto exchange allows buyers and sellers to place trades on the platform directly. This is open-source, peer-to-peer software, that allows users to buy and sell cryptos when the payment is done in national currencies. This software does not hold Bitcoins and won’t ask for your verification at any given point. No fiat currency (US Dollar, Euros, etc.) is held by Bisq. rather they are directly transferred from one cryptocurrency trader to another.

6. Shapeshift

Shapeshift is for those who are looking to instantly swap one crypto for another in a convenient and easy way. It is headquartered in Switzerland but runs out of Denver. With them you can, for instance, swap BTC or other cryptos into ETH through their software which will act like a middleman for the transaction, connecting different accounts across the world. ShapeShift has no other security risks because it does not handle personal information. You also enjoy dedicated mobile app support for iOS and Android.

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