Crypto Guide: 101 What You Need To Know Before Investing

The digital currency has become quite popular over the last few years, and rightly so. Many amateurs and established investors seek cryptocurrency as a lucrative opportunity to multiply their assets. But while cryptocurrency investments seem promising when it comes to profit margins, their volatility can catch you off guard. You never know when the digital currency market will crash or boom. Hence it is important to know as much as you can about crypto investments before stepping into the digital business world.

Today, digital currency holds special value for people worldwide when the world is shifting towards cashless transactions. Because there exists no central body to govern digital currencies, the transaction process is super-fast. Additionally, there are low transaction fees and minimal risks compared to tangible currency.

So, if you have made up your mind about cryptocurrency investments, here are some aspects you should consider before investing.

Pick a suitable buying method

Let’s say you want to get your hands on Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies with a handsome trading value. Before you begin, keep an eye out for the past and current Bitcoin market trends and see how it works. You can also visit cryptocurrency websites and follow the BTC price chart to see if it is still worth investing in.

Start your cryptocurrency investments by picking a suitable platform that you can trust. This will save you from any online scams that welcome digital currency investors. You can consider asking for an opinion from an established investor to help you find the best platform that might suit you. Many online platforms allow users to trade in any currency and watch live price charts of numerous cryptocurrencies and news updates.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile


Before purchasing digital currency, you must remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly unstable. For instance, in 2017, a single piece of Bitcoin traded at roughly $19,800. This drew the attention of many investors to buy digital currency. But since then, the Bitcoin market has continuously observed ups and downs.

A common rule of thumb is that you should only invest money in digital currency if you can afford to lose it. However, there are tales of investors circling on the internet where they invested in cryptocurrency and were able to multiply their money tenfold.

Opt for the right digital currency

Crypto markets are highly unstable, and predicting when they will flourish or crash is next to impossible. There is a possibility that several coins may promise a handsome trading value for now but have a very volatile market. Likewise, others may not offer promising returns but have a relatively calm market. Henceforth, you must choose wisely and look for something that offers a balance in trading value and market stability.

If you do some research, you may find that Bitcoin and Ripple are among the most prevalent and in-demand digital currencies today. That is because they have relatively stable markets while offering a better trade value. Although several other options are available, such as Ethereum and Litcoin, these two hit the list.

But before you start investing in these digital currencies, ensure that you study their markets before making a final decision. Since each cryptocurrency has its market, learning and understanding its past and current trends are key. Consequently, you will be able to make timely investments while ensuring you don’t tank your money.

Emotions drive cryptocurrency investments


Your emotions have an important role to play when it comes to crypto investments. It is quite often the case that people have an urge to invest when a token starts soaring in the digital currency market. A sudden increase in the token’s trading value draws many investors to start investing. However, such price hikes are very short-lived. Most investors bear heavy financial losses since they invest based on their gut feeling and end up losing their money.

Additionally, several investors might invest in cryptocurrency due to the fear of missing out. When they witness people investing in cryptocurrency, they have an impulse to do the same without critically evaluating the crypto market. You can make better judgments regarding cryptocurrency investments if you resist such feelings. Perhaps, you can wait for another time to earn handsome returns rather than tanking your investment.

Protect your digital wallet key

Cryptocurrencies are intangible. This means they have no physical existence. The good news is that it eliminates the risk of your digital currency getting stolen or lost. Isn’t that wonderful?

While your digital currency is a much safer option for financial transactions, you still have to protect it. Nearly all digital currency transactions take place through your digital wallet – an online wallet that stores your stockpile of cryptos. Each digital wallet is encrypted with a powerful key or alphanumeric code. Remember that this code only belongs to the owner and will be used if you wish to access your digital wallet and process a transaction. Without this private key, you cannot access your crypto reserves. Therefore, you must ensure that you do not lose it.

In addition, always ensure that you have a backup plan if you are stocking cryptocurrency. There are reports in which people lost their digital currency due to system failures and power outages in their area. Such events can erase your cryptocurrency stockpile, resulting in financial losses. Therefore, experts suggest you always have a backup to mitigate such risks.

Learn the process of purchasing, selling, and trading cryptocurrency


Another thing to consider before investing in digital currency is understanding how cryptocurrency’s buying, selling, and trading works. Traditional currency is regulated through financial institutions such as banks. But in the case of cryptocurrency, there is no regulating body that manages digital currency transactions.

You will have to identify platforms that promise credit and withdrawal of traditional currency as a means to transfer funds within the cryptocurrency network. Learn how the process of purchasing and selling digital currency works. Once you get familiar with the transaction process, making timely investments won’t be difficult.


Cryptocurrency investment is worth your time and effort if you know the dos and don’ts of the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency offers investors an opportunity to make a fortune. However, it would be best if you kept an eye on the cryptocurrency trends and potential risks that might undermine your investment.