How do I Find Dropshipping Suppliers in the US – 2024 Guide

You want to start a business, more precisely to launch your very own online store. Once upon a time, before the dropshipping option appeared, everything was much more complicated because you had to have your own production of products you intend to sell in the store or you had to have a supplier from your area or otherwise it would be too expensive. This is no longer the case, because dropshipping allows you to sell any product you want, and also the supplier can be located anywhere in the world. This opened up huge opportunities for everyone to have an online store without a large start-up capital which was the biggest hurdle for everyone.

Precisely because it is easy and cheap to start this type of business, the competition you are going to face will be huge. So big, that you might think about giving up because you think that you have no chance of breaking through. However, this is not the case, because there is one thing you can do. And that is to have supplier from the USA. While most choose cheap products from third world countries, in order to make as much profit as possible, you can stand out by offering quality products made in the USA. And we will give you tips on how to find dropshipping suppliers in the USA.

Why you should opt for US supplier?

Before we tell you how to find one, we will first tell you why it is the option you should choose, if you still can decide what is better for future of your business.

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The best thing you can offer customers is quality. When they buy a quality product from you, they will surely come back and recommend you to friends. This is best way to build customer base quickly. And you can’t offer them quality when your supplier is from China or other Asian and African countries. This does not mean that China does not have very high quality products, but if you start selling such products, then it would not be profitable for you.

It is only profitable if you are selling low quality Asian things. So if you want quality and profit at the same time, it has to be “Made in USA”. All customers will be positively surprised when they see that everything is Made in USA, and they are used to seeing Made in China. Also, they will be happy to help the economy of their country even if they pay a little more.


Shipping is another major reason why you need a supplier from the USA. It usually takes weeks for something to arrive from China, especially now during a coronavirus pandemic. When your associate is located in the USA, the maximum that the customer can wait for delivery is 5 days. And it often happens that the delivery arrives in 48 hours, if he orders during working days.

Also, then you can offer them the option to choose for themselves if it is urgent for them to arrive as soon as possible, while if your supplier is in China, even you do not know exactly when they will receive delivery. Shipment accuracy will definitely set you apart from the competition.

How to find dropshipping suppliers in the USA?

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These are some of the fastest ways to find one, but also to find reliable one which is even more important.

Get started on Google

For almost two decades, Google has been the first place we visit when searching for something. There you will surely find at least a few potential suppliers with whom you could have a good cooperation. What we want to draw your attention to is to search more than the first two pages on Google, which is what you usually do. We are all used to searching only the first two, and never beyond third.

But wholesalers don’t usually invest money into SEO, so it’s not unlikely you will find a quality wholesaler on fifth or tenth page. Do a thorough research, after all finding wholesaler is the most important step in setting up your online store. When you start searching, you should decide whether you will go with dropshippers like, where you will find several different products in one place, or for example if your niche is home decor, would you go with specialized home decor dropshippers usa.


Once you’ve determined the niches of your store, you’ve probably met at least a few people who have been in that type of business for many years. Maybe it’s even someone close to you, who also recommended that you embark on the endeavor to establish an online store. So ask these people if they know any supplier they could recommend to you. Word of mouth communication can sometimes be very useful.

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Try apps

There are apps that are made precisely with the aim of connecting the seller and the supplier. These are certainly very useful apps, which you should use to further refine your search. Most of them contain filters that will allow you to search only USA suppliers, which is your goal. Remember that these apps, although they have free versions, work much better when you pay. So you better pay, because this is a serious matter and you should not save on it.

Get in touch with them

Once you’ve used Google, inquiries and apps to narrow your choices to a few wholesaler, it’s time to contact them. Only when you contact them directly, you will know exactly what the price will be and all the other details. They may even offer you a discount.

Networking with other e-commerce entrepreneurs

One way to find dropshipping suppliers in the USA is networking. Networking with other e-commerce entrepreneurs can be a valuable way to find dropshipping suppliers in the USA. By connecting with others in the industry, you can gain insight into which suppliers they use and trust, as well as learn about new opportunities or emerging trends.

One way to network with other e-commerce entrepreneurs is through online forums and communities. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups can be a great place to connect with like-minded individuals who are also looking for dropshipping suppliers. You can ask for recommendations or share your own experiences and insights.

Another option is attending industry events and trade shows. These events bring together e-commerce professionals from all over the country (and sometimes the world), providing an opportunity to make connections face-to-face. You can attend seminars and workshops on dropshipping, speak directly with suppliers, and meet other entrepreneurs who may have valuable advice or contacts.

Order several products from them

When you contact them, they will surely tell you all the best about their company, which may be true, but you should check them out. The best way to do this is to order several products from them, anonymously. Then you will see their real professionalism.

We have one more tip for you. You can order a product from online store which is your competition. Then you will be able to see who their supplier is on the shipment and contact that company as well.

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Check customer service

Another thing you need to pay attention to is their customer service. It must be efficient and work every day, and it is best if you find those whose customer service works 24/7. You never know when a customer may have a problem with a particular product, and it is important that you resolve this as soon as possible because of your reputation. To solve the problem, you will need help from customer service of your supplier.


Choosing a supplier from the USA is definitely a great choice to begin with. It is only important that you find a reliable one, with the help of the advice I have given you, otherwise it is better not to start.