How Is French Roulette Different – 2024 Guide

Online Casino games have a different level of thrill that many people want to experience. Finding the right type of game is important in order to improve the chances of winning big. This is where choosing French roulette comes in.

Everyone is aware that Casino games operate on chance. However, choosing French roulette reduces the house edge significantly. The house edge with this game is 1.35% compared to the 5.26% edge for American roulette. In this article, we will be talking about what French rollet is and how it is different from the common casino games and other roulettes.

What is French Roulette?


French roulette came into being in the 18th century and Blaise Pascal is credited with its invention. The rules of the game are based on a perpetual motion machine and this machine led to this game being invented. In the next century the game was taken to the US where significant changes were made to the rules and the casino’s house edge was increased.

The playing table was changed and this is why French roulette has different rules and offers better chances to the players. Even its Casino Online version is better for interested players than any other option. Make sure to go through the available games on any online platform before signing up.

How Different is it from American Roulette?


We have already established that the American and French versions of the game are very different. The first difference is the number of zeros in the wheel at the table. The house edge sits at 5.26% with both zero and double zero in the American version. There is a single zero in the European version which halves the house edge to 2.7%. but the benefits to the players do not end here because the house edge can be halved again.

The casino’s take will be reduced to 1.35% on the beds if a player choses French roulette. The bets in the French table are split on both sides while the American version has the outside bets placed all on one side. The way the wheel is designed is entirely different because the numbers face out in America while the European versions have the numbers facing inside of the wheel.

What are the Basic Bets?


The general rule in a roulette is to predict or gas the point where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. The wheel is spinned in a direction and the ball will be released in the other direction until it lands on any spot with the number. The game follows the typical inside and outside bets, many of which are common across different roulettes. There are also advanced bets one can look into.

The Takeaway

Choosing the game is the easy part but knowing the rules and differentiating them becomes essential. In order to take advantage of French roulette, make sure to know all the rules and follow them.