How To Play Online Pokies And Win

Slots are popular gambling games available in land-based establishments and online casinos. They are loved for the simplicity of the rules – you don’t need to learn combinations and improve skills to hit the jackpot at online pokies. It’s enough to set the number of lines, bet size, and run the reels.

How Slots Work


There are many varieties of online pokies, and they mostly consist of the same elements:

  • Reels. When you press the Spin button they rotate, and after stopping, the combinations that form the winnings are determined. Slots consist of 3 or more reels, each containing 3 or more rows.
  • Paylines. Winning combinations appear on them. There are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and other types of pay lines. Their number varies from one to hundreds of thousands.
  • Control buttons. They are located under the rotating reels. These buttons allow you to adjust the bet size, set the number of lines, start auto spins, turn on / off sound, open the help section, and payout table.
  • Symbols. These are the pictures on the reels that form winning combinations. There are symbols of higher and lower value, as well as special symbols with extra functions, such as Wild and Scatter.

Beginners can play with no wager deposit bonus in demo mode. These are free versions of games where users don’t have to risk their money.

Mathematics And RTP

It’s important to understand the principle before you play slots. The results of spins are determined by RNG. The algorithm generates millions of combinations when the player presses a button. No one can predict the results – neither the client nor the administration of the casino. The RNG algorithm is encrypted. That’s how the slots work:

  • Independence of future outcomes from previous ones. Predicting the next combination is impossible.
  • The randomness of spins. No regularities. The probability of activation of free spins, bonus options, and large multipliers doesn’t depend on the size and number of bets.
  • The unpredictability of the results ensures fair play. The algorithm is designed so that the long-distance casino is always in the black, so it makes no sense to cheat customers. The randomness of the outcomes gives all users an equal chance of winning.

The casino’s advantage is ensured by the RTP. It shows the percentage of the amount spent by customers in the slot that the online casino returns to them over the long haul – after millions of spins.

The frequency and size of payouts are influenced by the volatility of the slot. A low figure means that online pokies give small winnings, but more often. High volatility slots, on the contrary, bring large winnings, but less often. Dispersion describes the degree to which payouts deviate from the stated value. The higher it is, the more variable the result is toward small or large winnings.


Basic Terminology

To start playing, you need to understand the basic terms:

  • Reel. A reel with symbols that rotates vertically.
  • Spin. The rotation of the reels.
  • Free spins. It’s a bonus in the form of free spins, for which the money isn’t removed from the player’s balance.
  • Scatter. This symbol activates the free spin round or other bonuses.
  • Wild. This symbol replaces other images, except for the bonus and Scatter, and helps create a winning combination.
  • Volatility. The frequency and size of winnings.
  • Bonus round. It’s an extra round, for example, free spins or the doubling risk game.

After starting the slot, you can open the help section and study the rules, combinations, and payouts. It also specifies the conditions for calculating bets in cases where the user is “thrown out” of the game.