The Ten Best Industry Options For Your Career

Choosing the best industry for your career trajectory is the best way to predict your future. By choosing the best industry for your career, you secure your earnings, growth potential, job security, and other employment benefits like health cover.

So, how do you choose the best industry? Earning potential, growth potential, industry stability, job availability, and government policy are some of the factors you should consider. Based on these factors, these are some of the best industry options for your career.

1. Technology

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Some careers in the technology sector like data scientist and software developer have been predicted to be the best careers with excellent earning potential. The technology industry has the potential to earn you not only a livelihood but a fortune.

It is no surprise that the top 10 wealthiest people on the Forbes list currently, including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates, among others, are people who invested in the technology industry.

2. Manufacturing Industry

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The manufacturing industry is one of the oldest industries and stable industries. Further, manufacturing Is one of the largest fields globally, and it can range from electrical manufacturers, paint, food, drugs, or manufacture of consumer non-durables like clothes and shoes. Learn more about career in consumer non-durable in this link.

Being a stable industry, manufacturing provides stable employment opportunities which come with a range of benefits like health cover, mortgage, and learning opportunities.

Further, being a stable industry, manufacturing is one of the most regulated fields globally. Thus, unfair employment practices and exposure to dangerous substances are some of the challenges you will not struggle with within the industry. According to research, Employment outlook and wages are on the upward trajectory in this field globally

3. Health Care Industry

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A global pandemic like Covid-19 has revealed the value of the health care industry globally. With more people wanting to increase their life span, health care workers are becoming more critical. Some of the best careers in the healthcare industry include nursing, doctor, pharmacist, and clinical officers. If you’d like to become a nurse, complete a degree from UTA.

4. Education Industry

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Education and learning is the best investment, whose return is a lifetime of wisdom.

Teachers have become a critical factor in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and sustainable human development, highlighting the growing importance and demand for teaching jobs.

With more people shifting to on-demand learning like online platforms like course hero and LinkedIn, teachers have unlimited earning and career options.

5. Financial Industry

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Banking and finance are among the oldest industries globally, but their earning potential remains on the rising trajectory. The role of banking and finance in any economy or industry cannot be underestimated. Further, the banking and finance industry is witnessing some disruption with the rise of digital currencies like bitcoin.

According to a report by Investopedia, it is estimated that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies account for 2% of the world’s wealth. With the rapid adoption of bitcoin technology in payments, this rate is expected to grow to 5-10% in the next ten years.

This analysis gives career opportunities in the bitcoin industry. Some of the best-ranking jobs in this field include data mining, financial analysts, and system development.

Further, other currencies like blockchain technology are expected to revolutionize the finance industry. According to experts, the uniqueness of blockchain technology is the key contributor to the finance industry. Currency, blockchain developers are some of the most demanded professionals in the industry.

6. Therapy Industry

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Mental health and wellness are gaining prominence in boardrooms and dining rooms. Rising suicide, depression, anxiety, stress, and unpredictable future contribute to the therapy industry’s growth. Today, the services of psychologists are demanded more than ever. Further, changing global challenges like the breakout of covid-19 has exposed people to unforeseen challenges like isolation, quarantine, working from home, and shut down of social events.

These are some of the contributing factors causing mental health challenges, depression, and rising suicide cases. Thus, by choosing a career in the therapy industry, you will not only secure a stable job but help people overcome their challenges which are fulfilling.

7. Digital Marketing Industry

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Marketing is not only one of the oldest p[professions globally but the most dynamic. The marketing world has shifted from traditional methods like TV and radio to the most recent ones, digital marketing.

The industry is vast and has a range of careers like copywriter, search engine optimization (SEO) expert, content developer, and influencer.

Choosing a career in digital marketing gives you the flexibility to work either as a freelancer or a full-time employee working from home. Being a developing industry, the digital marketing field has room for growth and experimentation. Thus, as a digital marketer, you will be expected to design your work schedule, develop the content, come up with a posting schedule and other metrics. This allows you to build your creativity and innovation.

8. Real Estate Industry

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The real estate industry is one field whose growth potential will never cease. One thing that makes the industry attractive is the appreciation rate of real estate property like land and buildings.

Further, the real estate industry is a broad field. There is a wide variety of career paths available within the real estate industry, such as real estate developer, agent, marketer, financial analyst, REITs analyst, or real estate consultant. For instance, if you have a strong passion for helping people find their perfect homes or investment properties, you may consider becoming a buyer’s agent in Sydney’s Inner West.

9. Customer Service Industry

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Everyone loves to get excellent customer service. With the increasing competition for customers and growing access to information by customers, the services of customer service agents are continuing to be critical. As a customer service agent, you can work as a freelancer or full-time employee. Further, a career in customer service has great potential to grow, including growing into areas like business development.

10. Human Resources Industry

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With more companies opting to outsource their human resource function, a career in the human resources field gives you room for growth and flexibility to seek new growth areas.

As a human resource practitioner, you can work as a human resource officer or be attached to a human resource outsourcing organization. Further, by supporting organizations that attract and retain the best talent, you add a valuable contribution to the world of business.