Turbocharge Your Career With This Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics

Professionals in the supply chain management and analytics industry are responsible for driving growth through effective analysis of logistical data. Careers in SCM analytics are thriving because there is a need for experts who can use analytics and make data-driven decisions.

To turbocharge a career and see it grow within a short period, the supply chain analytics course from Imarticus Learning is a must. The course provides the necessary skills and experience for a highly paid job in supply chain management and analytics.

Why choose a career in supply chain management and analytics?

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The supply chain management and analytics industry are experiencing expansion. This creates many job opportunities that are secured and rewarding. This is why students should opt for a career in this field. Following are several reasons why supply chain management and analytics is a great career option.

Top 5 reasons why you’re going to like chain management & analytics

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Rapid Job Growth and Better Pay

Supply chain management and analytics is a field that is constantly evolving. This makes it possible to accommodate more jobs. Professionals in the field can experience steady job growth and be assured of a high pay package. For those who are new in the field, a job in supply chain management and analytics is lucrative.

Transferable Skills

A supply chain management course helps students develop transferable skills that allow them to shift specializations. These include financial planning, workflow, and general management, as well as logistical forecasting. Such diverse skills help students gain more industry experience and land jobs in their areas of interest.

Opportunities for All Students

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Those who are studying supply chain management and analytics can apply for jobs without advanced degrees. A certification course can help them sit for interviews, build expertise and get jobs. There are jobs in every level of supply management that require specific skills and pay well. Students can also pursue specializations in the industry. They can opt for jobs in warehousing, wholesale sectors, and postal services. There are even several local and government agencies that hire supply chain management professionals.

Availability of Internships

After the completion of a supply chain analytics course, students can apply for internships. Corporate offices, small businesses, federal agencies as well as non-profit organizations offer internships. These internships help students to gain more expertise and learn the ropes of working in the industry. This also increases the chances of advancement.

Career opportunities in supply chain management and analytics are increasing every day. The major reason for this is that the industry lacks professionals at the moment. This is why many organizations are demanding professionals for positions like Supply and Operations Planner, Demand Planner, Supply Planner, and Data Scientist.

An Opportunity To Grow

Although an advanced degree is not necessary for success in logistics, it surely is a good thing for you to have. You can enjoy proper opportunities that will present themselves as time goes on and as you experiment within this field. Many logisticians remain in the field for decades, but others use the skills they’ve gained to move into other fields. It is up to you to decide where you wish to stand as time goes on.

How can a certification in supply chain management and analytics help?

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To start and turbocharge your career, you need to study a supply chain management course. Choose a course that has been created in collaboration with industry experts so that you get the best out of your education. Imarticus Learning offers a professional certificate course in supply chain management and analytics. The curriculum includes advanced topics that will prepare students for the industry.

Certification in supply chain management from Imarticus Learning can help because it provides real-world projects. Students are asked to tackle these SCM projects and gain hands-on experience. Live sessions are also conducted by industry professionals. The course teaches students to analyze data and make decisions that are based on insights. It prepares students for high-demand careers at tactical and operational levels.

The advancement of the e-commerce industry has increased the need for handling logistics and the movement of products. The certification in supply chain management ensures experiential learning and opportunities to develop necessary skills.

How Are Supply Chain Managers Using Supply Chain?

If you wish to know more about this field and you’re interested in understanding how supply chain managers use chain predictive analytics in their field, here are your answers:

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Demand forecasting

Predictive analytics allow you or your organization to improve demand forecasting with the right help and approach of past and current trends that are being checked upon in the market.

Predictive pricing

You can overcome any potential issues of cost-plus issues with your predictive approach. You can look appealing to the market and you can forecast the price drop or rise by using this system.


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Inventory can get tricky & pretty time-consuming, which is why you need to satisfy the needs of every customer & consumer on time. Safety stock levels can be reduced while all the goods will be accounted for.

Shipping part and the logistic

Shipping and transport costs can be unpredictable. However, you can determine optimal shipping frequency and figure out the right level of quantity to meet demand while minimizing costs. You won’t have to worry about the shipping part that includes distance, weather, and delivery points since you will have it all pre-planned.

Supply predictive technique

Servicing is always necessary, it is up to you to figure out the frequency. Your organization should properly & regularly reduce spare inventory holdings and avoid unplanned and unwanted equipment outages. With the right chain, you will supply everything on time & on-demand.

Ready To Start With This Line Of Work?

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