Why Choose Cyber Security as a Career

Nowadays, almost everyone uses various technological tools and applications to make their lives easier, regardless of age, gender, or region. The most recent technological developments have considerably and uniquely changed our lives in more ways than one. However, though technology provides countless benefits, it also has certain downsides. Cybersecurity issues are one such drawback.

The false notion that the digital world is secure is starting to fade. Today, everyone knows that every organization has experienced a breach or is likely to have one soon.

Because of the impending cyber threats and the estimated $10.5 trillion cost of cybercrime globally by 2025, it is not surprising that cybersecurity experts are in high demand. There aren’t enough of them to go around. The number of cybersecurity specialists would have to increase to meet global market demands. Thus, there has never been a better moment to pursue a career in this expanding industry than now.

Do you still have second thoughts about continuing your education in this field? No need to worry. The article below can help you understand why pursuing this field as a career is essential in the current technological era:

  • Numerous career options

Just like the rest of the tech industry, cybersecurity is constantly evolving, which means that in addition to new roles appearing, existing positions will progressively change to include new skills. Additionally, large computer corporations are not the only employers of cybersecurity specialists. Every business, whether it be finance, fashion, healthcare, etc., needs cybersecurity specialists.

However, those pursuing higher education only have access to many career opportunities. So, if you want to learn the ins and outs of the profession thoroughly, enroll in an online master’s program in cybersecurity. You can click here https://onlinedegrees.nku.edu/programs/master-of-science-cybersecurity.aspx to learn more about this program. The primary advantage of this program is you can study at your own pace and from the convenience of your home.

  • Earn Good Pay

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Let’s face it, even while it’s not always at the top of the list, money is usually there, and higher compensation doesn’t hurt anyone.

Since this field’s talent gap is immensely high, businesses are ready to offer well-competitive pay to entice potential recruits. And salaries will continue to rise as there is a significant shortage of skilled workers relative to the demand.

Although salaries are decent, it’s essential to keep in mind that they rely on the position you’re applying for and the region in which you’re applying. For instance, Payscale reports that the average yearly salary for security architects is $130,666. However, network security engineers make an average salary of $93,200 annually.

  • Ever-growing industry

With a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.4% over the projected period, the worldwide cybersecurity market size is anticipated to grow from USD 139.77 billion in 2021 to USD 376.32 billion by 2029. In its report titled “Global Cyber Security Market Share, 2022-2029,” Fortune Business Insights has provided this data.

As a result, you won’t have to deal with industry layoffs or a recession. Moreover, the field of cybersecurity is vast and constantly evolving concerning company operations, technology, and human resources. So in the years to come, the idea of being a cybersecurity professional won’t be what it is today.

Even though there are many opportunities and job openings in the cybersecurity industry, a high level of education may be necessary to get hired for these positions.

  • Challenging field

Do you have a knack for solving puzzles with logical reasoning? Well, then, this gives all the more reasons to pursue a cybersecurity career.

We rely on several tried-and-true concepts in cybersecurity, but the strategies can vary daily. As a result, you will frequently face new challenges daily. Along with astounding and unexpected discoveries, there will be novel and unforeseen failures in systems and networks.

One thing is for sure – attackers will continue to create new hacks. Put another way, there will always be evil people constantly looking for new ways to get into your systems. As a result, working as a cybersecurity specialist is never dull.

Every situation presents a different puzzle to solve and a new chance to meet the challenge. Security experts must recognize, comprehend, and then assist in mitigating these dangers.

  • Make considerable impact

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If you wish to pursue a fulfilling profession that also offers job stability, you can enter this booming cybersecurity industry. The best aspect of working in the cybersecurity field is the opportunity to impact people’s lives truly.

It has impacts that extend from the online space into the real world. You might not be doing surgical operations or curing illnesses in people. Still, we all have much sensitive information that needs protection, including bank accounts, health records, academic data, etc. And that only applies to an individual. The need for dedicated cybersecurity professionals becomes much more crucial when considering national infrastructure and election systems.

A cybersecurity career can lead to personal and professional fulfillment because you guard people, businesses, and government organizations against online threats.

  • Work-life balance opportunity

Of course, at some point in your career, you would want to be in charge of making career choices, right? Fortunately, the freedom and flexibility a cybersecurity career offers are endless when it comes to employment choices.

No matter where you are, you will always be able to find opportunities in the cybersecurity industry, which can be particularly advantageous if you move around a lot or travel a lot. Simply put, since the industry is digital, you don’t necessarily need to be present at an office. While many employers insist that you live nearby, a career in cybersecurity enables you to work virtually anywhere in the world. You can access your employer’s networks using your own devices. In addition, you can work from anywhere if you can access a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Moreover, working as a freelancer, you can work from home, create your schedule, decide how much you want to make, and go at your own pace in this profession. That way, you can enjoy a work-life balance.

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Cyber threat is one of the digital crimes with the fastest global growth because of the abundance of sensitive information online.

The truth is cybercrime isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Cybercriminals will always be one step ahead as long as we don’t have a strong and committed cybersecurity workforce. So, if you appreciate solving complicated problems and are a tech genius, consider a career in cybersecurity and join the fight against online crime!

The best thing about going down this career route is that you will have plenty of room to grow, experience work-life balance, enjoy fat cheques, and significantly impact this world.