How to Install Smoke Alarms in the Right Place

Today, when we talk about safety and overall security level, the most common thought is regarding online security. Now, when we take into count how much time we spend online and how much sensitive data is stored this way, it’s nothing unusual that this is the case and something most people instantly think of, but we are here to talk about something of much greater value, and that’s the actual physical security of our home and other places we spend much time at.

Now, this issue, although not new, has also experienced certain changes, as today, the latest tech achievements changed everything about how we do or perceive things, and the same is safety-wise. The only thing different is that here, we can actually see all the changes, how they work, and how they improve the overall security of any place, and, of course, fixing problems that older alarms had is also something that’s taken care of.

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The importance of smoke alarms

We simply cannot talk about enhancing security without mentioning smoke alarms, as they are at the very core and can actually be a determinative point on whether lives will be saved or not.

Just having these systems improve the overall level of safety we all experience, and even though we are mostly used to seeing them and consider smoke alarms as a completely normal thing, or even something that’s a must, don’t let that feeling of comfort fool you, as subconsciously when there is no such alarm in the building, we tend to feel quite threaten and unprotected.

Smoke alarms save lives, and this is just a fact, meaning that there is no real reason not to have one in your house or office. As for the types, the offer really is vast, and the more complex these alarms are, they are the more accurate about detecting smoke.

Now, one might think that installing a smoke alarm can be a nightmare, but it really doesn’t have to be, and once again, it all depends on the type and the complexity of the whole system.

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Pick the right place

It all starts by picking the right position of the alarm, and this is the most common issue people installing these alarms face. The size of the house dictates the overall number of smoke alarms you will need, and don’t follow the most common belief that you don’t need one in the basement or bedroom, for example, because you never know what and where a fire that can spread rapidly can start.

That is why the best advice you will get is to install them on every level, including the basement, and, if needed (if there is too much-uncovered space), don’t hesitate to install two of them on the same level.

Now, if you think that the common smoke alarms will simply not be enough, the modern ones, connected and synched via WiFi, are the way to go, as, in case of any dangerous open flame or smoke, you will surely hear them.

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Make sure that the power is off

No matter if we try to install the smoke alarm that uses electric power for its operating or batteries, it is crucial to make sure that the power is off before we start mounting it, or we can easily get hurt. When it comes to alarms that use batteries, all we need is to remove them, and that’s all, but when it comes to those who use electrical energy, it is a little more challenging.

In that situation, we need to check the electric panel and make sure to shut the right breaker, which we can check by using the tester pen and holding it to the wires.

Attach the mounting bracket

When the power is off, it is time to attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling or the wall, and it is usually simply done with two screws. It is not complicated at all, and all we need to do is mark where the holes for screws should be, use the drill to make them, insert plastic anchors into them, and use screws to fix the mounting bracket.

Keep in mind that alarms that need electric energy for their operating need to be placed near the electric box, so the wires can be pulled through the bracket while we fix it.

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Turning the power on and adding the detector to the bracket

When the mounting bracket is fixed, it is time to turn on the power, and for those that use batteries, the procedure is pretty simple. All we need to do is simply add batteries, and the whole job is done.

On the other side, when it comes to those who need electric power, we need to make sure to connect the wires properly, or the detector will not work. When we are sure that our base is getting electric power, our next step is to add the detector to it. Most of them are attached by twisting it clockwise until we hear the click, but it is always a good idea to read the instructions before.


The last but probably the most important step is testing the detector to be sure that it works properly. Well, one of the easiest ways is to make some smoke near it and check if it will notify you or not. Testing the device is the only way to know that it will work when it is necessary, so you can be relaxed and enjoy life without stress.

The verdict

Installing a smoke alarm should not even be considered because it is one of the most important devices in our homes. Of course, we all hope that it will never need to notify us that there is something wrong, but knowing that it is there and properly working can help us sleep calmly every night.

In this article, you have learned how to install it the right way, but if it is not enough for you, and you need another level of safety, check MiFire (Mate Mobile Safety App Australia). In that way, you will be sure that you will be instantly notified about every possible problem, no matter where you are, and be able to fix it before it becomes even bigger.