How To Reset iPhone/iPad/iPod Passcode?

You should have found similar queries on the Internet that say “I forgot my restriction password of iPhone.” It happens very often that people forget restrictions passcode of their iPhone or other iOS devices. If you are also one of them, then you should be struggling to find a reliable solution to reset or remove the restrictions code or screen time code on your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

So, here in this article, I will discuss how to reset forgotten restrictions passcode on iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini.

How To Reset iPhone

The restriction function is for parental control and, therefore, users must know the access code. Therefore, these are some of the best methods to reset a new Screen Time lock for restrictions.

5 Was to Reset or Recover Restrictions Passcode

So here are the different methods that you can follow to reset your forgotten iPhone restrictions passcode.

1. Remove the forgotten screen time from the restriction access code without data loss

This is the first and easiest method to use when you forgot the iPad screen time password in iOS 12 is iPhone Backup Unlocker. Unlikely to name, this software can easily remove the screen time restriction access code without causing any data loss on the iPad. With a simple click, the screen time password can be removed successfully.

Step 1: Start the software and select the “Remove screen time password” option from the main interface.

How To Reset iPad Passcode Guide

Step 2: Now connect your device to the system and the software will automatically detect the device. Press the start button to begin the process.

How To Reset iPhone Passcode Guide

Step 3: It will take some time to remove the access code and when it is deleted, the software will notify you.

Remove iPad Passcode

After deleting the access code, you can set a new restriction code and be sure to remember it this time. Otherwise, this screen time recovery software is always here for help.

Method 2. Reset all content and settings (data loss)

I forgot my restrictions password, what can I do? Deleting your iPad is another way to solve this problem.

Step 1: Open the Settings application and go to the General menu. There, you will see the Reset option, click it and more options will appear on the screen.

Step 2: In the Reset menu, choose the “Clear all content and settings” option and enter the password of your device when prompted.

How To Reset iPhone Passcode

This will remove existing iPad data and settings along with the screen time access code. Therefore, you can restore the data through a manual backup and configure a new access code for the function.

Method 3. Find your restrictions/access code to screen time from the iTunes backup file

If you have tried the above methods and are still looking for a possible solution when you encounter the problem of the forgotten restriction password on an iPad 4/5, iPad Mini3 / 4, iPad Air / Air 2, Pro, you can try to find the passcode from iTunes backup file. Since the backup is stored in a different folder on both Mac and Windows PC, you can search for the file.

On Mac: Open Library> Application Support> App Store> find a file called “adoption.plist”. Open the file with “Text editing” and look for a line of code with the following XXXX tags. The numbers must be the restriction access code.

On Windows: Go to \ Users \ (username) \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup> Find the adoption.plist file. You must download and install the .plist opener to open the adopt.plist file. Open the file and search for XXXX. The numbers in this format are the restriction code.

Method 4: Restore iPad from iTunes

Users can also use iTunes to reset the password when they forgot the restrictions password on iPad. This method is very useful if you have a backup copy that does not contain the Screen Time Access Code. This way, you can keep the data intact and still get rid of the restriction password. Follow the steps below to restore the iPad in iTunes:

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest version of the iTunes. Otherwise, update iTunes before restoring the iPad. Connect your iPad to the system and iTunes will automatically recognize the device.

Step 2: Access the Summary tab and you will see the Restore option on the screen. Click on the button and a pop-up window will appear to confirm the action. Press the Restore button and wait while iTunes restores the previous backup to the device.

Lost iPad Passcode?

Before carrying out this method, you must ensure that the backup file does not contain the Screen Time access code; otherwise, the method will be useless.

Method 5. Reset the restriction access code on iPhone using Decipher Backup

This method of recovering the restriction access code on the iPhone uses a third-party tool (Decipher Backup) and involves the following 3 steps.

  • Make an iPhone backup on PC or Mac using iTunes
  • Download and install Decipher Backup Browser on your computer
  • Recover the restriction access code using Decipher Backup

Resetting iPhone Passcode

While Decipher Backup works on both Windows and Mac computers, it is easy to download and install this tool on a Windows PC.

In the case of Mac, you must follow some additional steps to grant full disk access to the Decipher Backup browser.

The bottom line of (Reset iPhone Passcode Guide)

Now, you know several methods that can be used to solve the problem of “forgot restrictions passcode of iPhone, iPad”. The methods are quite simple and easy but there are some complications in each method. The best recommended and safe way is to use a professional screen time password removal software

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