Java Programming Language: A No Alternative Language?

We all know that programming is not easy, far from it, and in order to be successful and to stay in touch with all the changes and all those new things and advancements, one needs to be prepared for continuous learning. But even that is not enough since learning several programming languages is often a must in order to be successful. Today, even though there are so many programming languages out there, the one that is not only the easiest to learn but is also a synonym for all other programming languages is unquestionably Java.

Java language was first mentioned on May 23, 1995, which makes it 26 years old in 2024, and that sounds like an unbelievable age in the times of ever-changing technologies. So the question here is what makes it so good, and is it still worth learning?

It – “Yet another virtual accelerator” has been around since over a couple of years back. James Gosling was the very first person to produce java in 2008. Then, afterward was created and produced by Sun Microsystems.

Many people who get their first mobile phones back in the 2000s probably remember the Java sign at the beginning of almost every game. Regarding that time, those games were pretty modern, and people gladly played them. But, even though many people first faced this programming language via these games, Java is far more than just that.

It’s only the extension of the C programming language. It’s a general-purpose in addition to a strongly typed programming language. In comparison with higher-level languages like C and C +, java provides more improvements. Let’s take a look at how java is much more advantageous than any other program.

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Simple to Learn

As it is an advanced language, it essentially includes all of the British alphabets. That’s, it’s user-friendly. It’s also known as a simple language because you learn it much easier and faster in comparison to other programming languages. Java isn’t just super easy to understand and additionally, it is very readable, easy to write, compile and debug. What’s even more important is that once you learn the basics, it is not that hard to improve that knowledge and advance even more. Java is one of the programs that are perfect for beginners because of its simplicity. On the other side, the experts are gladly working on it too, because it has all they need. Among the improvements of java is the fact that it instantly allocates the memory location, which isn’t there in other programming languages. That makes this program so widespread even after so many years.

Platform Independent

Java was created mainly for this purpose. Java includes a unique feature known as “Byte Code,” which essentially enables you to run the programs even on other computers. For those who have Java Virtual Machines placed on your computers, you can do wonders by using it. Another benefit is that it is simple to run your programs anywhere and also at any time. That’s the reason Java is known as WORA – “Write once and run anywhere.” It can save you a lot of effort and time, and you will be able to access anything you need with only one click. Using other programs on another computer can be quite challenging because it is necessary to install too many features. With Java, it is much easier, and you can access it whenever you like without any difficulties.

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Java is Multi-threaded

In C and C +, you first have to call the item-specific procedures in order to run multiple threads at any given time, which means that it is a time-intensive task. That is actually the primary reason for the creation of the java programming language. Java supports a unique feature known as multi-threading. Multi-threading is definitely a capability to perform several tasks concurrently inside the program, and this selection continues to be integrated very easily and effectively in java, even in 2024. It is something that every good program language needs, and it makes things a lot easier for both programmers and regular people. Doing several procedures at the same time is saving a lot of time. Because of that, the same job can be finished much faster than in other programs, and excess time can be used in a much more creative way.


Earlier in C and C +, the only compiler was performing and examining the errors. Java is working in a totally different way. In java, however, you will find three major parts that have been integrated to enhance the safety and sturdiness of the programs, and those three major parts are:

  • Compiler – accustomed to compile and discover whether there are bugs throughout the program execution.
  • Interpreter – This feature is among the best features supplied by java, where each line is construed and checked for locating the bugs.
  • Run time atmosphere – Java includes all of the necessary software, ecological variables, etc., to supply sources for processes running within the system.

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“At the moment, there are many new programming languages introduced but, Java still holds its position as one of the top demanded languages in 2024 – 2024. Java is extremely popular among Android developers since Java is the language designed to operate on any platform fairly easily.” – says Alexander Sadovskiy, Senior IT Project Manager at Elinext.

Java is used to build server applications for video games and mobile applications for quite a while now, and it is also a cornerstone for the development of Android applications. Without Java, mobile games and apps would not be what we are used to. In addition to mobile devices, Java is also used for large systems such as web servers. Knowing this, it is no wonder why Java is a favorite programming language for so many developers.

Besides its simplicity, it has too many possibilities and options, and using it is real pleasure. It’s the first programming language ever developed, keeping all of the security concerns in mind. Java has JVM (Java Virtual Machine), an interpreter, which is a component of both sides from the client machine. JVM detects all of the errors contained in this program very quickly, which plays a significant role in taking proper care of the safety issues. Thus, we are able to state that Java is much more secure than any other programming language. Because of that, the usage of Java is great and can be used in almost all segments. It is one of the programs that age like fine wine, and even though it is 26 years old, we can say that it will be with us for a long time.