6 Best Long-Range Walkie Talkie 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Walkie-talkies are still a thing, and this may come as a surprise for some people, but they are very practical in situations when mobile phones aren’t the best choice. You will see civil engineers, constructors, police officers, and plenty of professions that still use it on short and long-range. There are so many models, and it’s really hard to choose among them all, but it’s good to start somewhere and see what fits your needs.

First, you need to determine for what you will use them. People in the construction industry, hotels, restaurants, big malls, or even education, usually use them for fast communication. People who go to mountains to hike or camp in groups also need walkie talkies, so they can be sure everyone is reachable event if there is no phone network. Surely, there are also walkie talkies apps available for smartphones, like voicepingapp.com, which are great for home or family use.

For every other purpose, investing in real walkie-talkies is the most practical solution, because there is no internet connection required, and also no big screen in so many colors, which means it will last for days when no electricity is available for charging.

Then, determine the range you need, because your choice depends on that. For long-range devices, you will have to pay more, but it’s good to know that licensed radio products may cover up to 10 kilometers around you, which is great. Cheaper ones cover about 2-3 kilometers, but in some cases, that’s really enough. You can choose licensed or license-free radio, frequency, range, charging features, and devices for extreme weather conditions too. In order to understand the frequencies, you need to know that VHF is a very high frequency, and UHF is ultra-high frequency.

Make sure you tell the seller the purpose, so they can help you choose the right device that is water and dust resistant, so you can use it as you need.

You can also choose to buy your devices online, but make sure you understand the features, and you really know what do you want, so you won’t make a mistake.

In which industries are walkie-talkies still used?

Housekeeping services are using them, so they can easily communicate. Also, bigger restaurants need these types of devices, so they can serve the guests better. Maintenance staff that comes to your house or office also have to use them, and you will see them often within the security workers too.

Walkie-talkies are still practical for the event industry, especially when it takes part in a bigger venue.

You will see the staff using it with headphones, so they can prevent noise around. Keep in mind that sensitive information shouldn’t be shared through a walkie-talkie because the signal can easily reach some device around – so be careful with that.

And now, let’s see some of the most anticipated models available:

  1. Motorola T460 2-Way Radios

Img source: amazon.com

When you start looking for a walkie-talkie, you will see that most of the models are provided by Motorola, which means you won’t make a mistake if you choose any of their models. The particular one we are talking about here is one of the best in the world, because it covers large areas, and comes with an option for different channels and privacy codes, for easier communication. But, make sure you have a charger with you because the battery life is no longer than eight hours of active use. It’s great for concerts or public events, but also for security purposes.

  1. Midland GXT1000VP4 36 Miles Walkie Talkie

Img source: amazon.com

Another long-range device comes with full equipment and is also great for extreme weather conditions. The best thing is that it comes with two packs of rechargeable batteries, and even better – the device is lightweight, which makes it perfect for hiking, skiing, or camping. But, it takes a lot of time until the battery is fully charged, so keep this in mind if you need it pretty often.

  1. COBRA Floating Walkie Talkies

Img source: amazon.com

An excellent choice for outdoor activities, especially if they include water, like rivers in the mountains, ocean, or lakes. If it falls in the water, the device is floating, and you can easily grab it, wipe down the water, and restart it if needed.

  1. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

Img source: amazon.com

If you need a pocket-size device, this is the one for you. It’s easy to store, it’s portable, water-resistant, with ultra-high frequency range. The battery is durable, and you can use it hands-free. It’s good for a pair of friends or a couple who are into adventures, and want to explore the mountains and forests, but still be in contact with the other person.

  1. Samcom Programable Walkie Talkie

Img source: amazon.com

Do you know what’s the best thing about this one? You don’t have to set it up before you use, because it comes out of the box completely ready for use. No manual buttons, no confusing wires – just a great device that you can use as soon as you take it out of the package. The battery is extremely durable, and you have an option to communicate with the whole group on the line.

  1. Ekoos Long Range Walkie Talkies

Img source: amazon.com

The last one is for those with a limited budget who can’t afford to spend wealth on walkie-talkies. It’s an affordable set of two devices, that is great for those who travel in a pair. But, make sure you don’t use this one for camping or hiking in extreme conditions because the battery life is pretty short. On the other hand, it’s one of the easiest devices to use, which also doesn’t take a lot of space in the bag or backpack.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when buying a walkie-talkie for you. But, we hope that our article will teach you how to choose the best one for the purpose you need. We are wishing you a lot of luck and a good time during your adventures.