Mac vs. Windows PC: Which One Is Right for You?

Whether you’re a consumer or a business when buying a desktop, you will have this question – should I choose Windows or use a Mac.

At the outset, both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, but we will dive into the specifics and help you understand when to choose a Mac and when a Windows PC might come in handy.

When to choose Mac

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  1. If you need premium hardware

Without a doubt, the Mac is a better-designed product since the hardware and software are both engineered by Apple. There is no need to worry about building a computer from  scratch because the models come pre-assembled, and you only have to pick from one of the available MacBooks.

In other words, you won’t have to spend time comparing different brands as you would with a PC since all available models are available on Apple’s website.

  1. If you are a graphic designer, video editor or UX developer

Since the experience on the Mac is far better compared to Windows, creative professionals often prefer Mac over Windows. There are few that prefer Windows, but macOS seems to be the go-to option among creative professionals.

Mac also has a ton of in-built features that help you with editing and movie making. For example, iMovie has pretty much all the features that you would need to edit videos.

  1. If you use other Apple devices

If you have already bought into the ecosystem, a Mac makes more sense than Windows. The handoff between an iPad or iPhone and a Mac is flawless, and collaboration is easier compared to Windows.

It is easy to transfer files back and forth between the devices via iCloud storage. Backing up iPhone and iPhone files on a MacBook is also one of the many advantages.

Investing in AirPods and other Apple accessories means that you will not have to worry about compatibility issues because these accessories were tailor-made for MacBook and other Apple devices.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of problems picking a proper mouse or keyboard for a personal computer, because a certain model may not work properly.

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  1. If you desire enhanced performance and security is a concern

Generally, there are fewer issues that come up on a Mac when it comes to the system’s performance. Since the apps you use on a Mac are designed for the hardware, they work well. Security is also another reason to consider using Mac instead of Windows. Mac has FileVault and firewalls that you can use to encrypt your data and protect yourself from attacks online.

  1. If you want a device that is easy to repair and troubleshoot

Apple offers a warranty for your Mac wherein you can easily get it fixed in case you have a serious issue. Even after your warranty period is over, you can access authorized centers and get in touch with support.

This is not the case with Windows. Since there are a lot of brands that offer desktops, the warranty for the hardware differs, and it is overall difficult to get in touch with service centers to get issues fixed.

Even troubleshooting is easier on Mac. If you have any issues with your performance, you can easily clean up your Mac to improve the speed by following the steps detailed here. All help menus are integrated into individual apps, and Apple’s support articles help you troubleshoot the most common issues.

When to choose Windows

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  1. If you need affordable desktops

PCs cost less than Macs when you compare available hardware. If you have a tight budget, a Windows PC is the way to go. You can also purchase a second-hand PC to save costs further. Computer hardware is usually durable, so you should not have problems getting a few years out of a used PC.

  1. If you need a familiar ecosystem

If you’ve been working with Windows, it makes sense to use a Windows PC instead of switching to a MacBook. Sure, the learning curve is not that steep, but getting used to a new operating system may feel like too much effort. There are new keyboard shortcuts, UI, and other small elements that can be problematic to figure out at first.

  1. If you need the Office 365

There are online alternatives to Microsoft Office – Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. But, you may want to work on files offline and not risk saving sensitive data on the cloud. In this case, Windows is better suited for your use case. You can access Office on Mac, but you need a license for it, whereas it is free on Windows.

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  1. If you want to customize your desktop

If you want to add or remove components, Mac is not the way to go. The hardware and software are integrated to work well together. On the other hand, with a Windows PC, you can build it to order by choosing a graphics card you want, changing the external monitor, or using a different hard drive that allows you to optimize it for the task at hand.

  1. If you need to develop apps for Windows or test older websites

Most video games are developed and tested on Windows first. If you need to make sure that your app works well with Windows, it is best to use a Windows PC. A lot of older websites, too, may require you to use the old Internet Explorer, which is not possible to use on a Mac.

Final Verdict

There is no clear winner when it comes to debating Windows vs. Mac. You will find ardent supporters on both sides. For people that have constraints on their budget, a Windows PC makes more sense than buying a Mac.

But if you have a reasonable budget, you can buy an entry-level iMac and make the most of it. It is possible to run Windows on Mac, so even if you need to run testing, your iMac will suffice. The opposite isn’t possible – running macOS on Windows – so you should keep that in mind when you make a purchase decision.