How Does Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Work – 2024 Guide

The perimeter intrusion detection system is usually used for security purposes. It is the device that senses the presence of an intruder or basically any person who breaches or comes under a particular perimeter. PIDS is usually installed for the overall security system and gives a particular area a high-security environment. These security areas are very important in the areas that require certain security for important work.

The question is how a perimeter intrusion detection system works. The answer is that the piezoelectric cables usually have sensors that sense any kind of touch and sensation. It is installed in a particular structure to provide protection to a whole particular area. It consists of analyzer detection channels programmed perfectly to analyze or detect any kind of movements like cutting, jacking, penetration, and climbing even if anybody attempts to intrude or try to attach the detection system and then transmits to the seismic analyzer for detection.

The perimeter intrusion detection system consists of fences. These cables are usually made of stainless steel and a maid for different kinds of uses. They are precisely made to protect particular activities that might need a certain type of security system. The PIDS is one of the perfect ways to protect the areas that require a high-security system.

How to monitor the perimeter intrusion detection system


Having full security does not mean only installing periods but also monitoring all the activities. You must know no you the intruder and what kind of movement or security breach has taken place at the time of absence. It might be hard for you to keep a watch on all the types of activities that might happen when someone tries to intrude on your security.

It is hard to keep track of everything without having proper perimeter monitoring.

Monitoring is also important, and it is usually done with the installation of cameras. You should keep an “eye” on your properties as only security will not help you but know who the intruder was.

Keeping an eye on or monitoring the system is important for any security. The camera will enable you to watch the image and see the particular area where the camera is installed. You can easily trace the intruder by looking at the videos on the computer system.

You must rely on the best perimeter monitoring services as you can’t do it alone. Security system requires a lot of steps, and you need good consultants and professional people to provide you with the best security system services. If you are thinking of installing electric fences or going for microwave barriers or anything related to PIDS services, then you must contact or visit as they have every service that you might require for your perimeter intrusion detection system.

Different security ways that comes under the perimeter intrusion detection systems:


These are important to know as this will guide you to choose what type of security and how much security you need. It is sometimes possible that you need the monitoring services but not a really high perimeter intrusion detection system so this will help you out.

Ground radar systems:

This type of system works a little differently as they detect the intruder before entering the particular property. They have special sensors installed in them, which helps to make you beware of intruders even before they step into your property.

Electric fences:

The fences are normally electrified, and the current always flows in them and basically works by giving shocks to the unstuffed who might do any kind of movements like climbing or trying to cut the fences. They also activate the alarm to inform the owner about the security breach. This helps the security system monitor to know about the intruder as soon as possible.

Seismic sensors:


It is one of the most secure protection systems. The sensor senses certain vibrations that might be coming from different places or areas. They are used for those places that require high security as the operations or that particular working area requires high-level security.

These seismic sensors are usually used in banks, production houses, or any place that must detect even the drilling through walls.

CCTV security cameras:

The cameras give the whole view of the camera’s area. Through a television or monitor, you can easily surveillance the property using the camera system. The services that the security monitor company provides will help you monitor the property.

There are many other types like spot vibration systems, electrostatic field disturbance sensors, motion sensors, and many more. These types are important to know if you are a beginner so that you know how different perimeter intrusion detection systems work and how they will be beneficial for you.

Final words

Till now, you must know how PIDS works and what things are included to make the system the perfect one. The working, monitoring, installation, and every process needs to be done with utmost precision and without any mistake. If one mistake happens, you might have to face a lot of loss that you will never want to happen to yourself.

All types of perimeter systems precisely and perfectly work to avoid any kind of unauthorized access by any person that must not be there under your premises. If you are going for security system services, you must always rely on the best ones as security should not be handed in the hands of non-reliable people. for the protection of your premises, you must handover your security system to someone to whom you can trust and feel free to leave your premises in their hands

Even if you want security for your production houses, banks, nuclear plants, chemical factories, or any kind of place, you can go for PIDS as they are highly secured systems. This article will educate you enough about the PIDS working so that you will be well informed in advance if you are thinking of going for a high level protection system.