How Does a Low Fog Machine Work – 2024 Guide

Having a wonderful effect on an occasion increases the effect on your memories and makes you remember the day more memorably. There are various types of effects like lightning, decoration and fog, making watching an event even more interesting. There are special types of machines that are specifically designed for such purposes. So in this article, we will discuss a fog machine, how it works and the different types of fog machines.

What Is A Fog Machine?


A fog machine is a device specifically designed to create an effect of artificial fog that provides users with the feeling of fog to decorate the surroundings with the most reliable experience. These types of machines are used in parties and movies to provide a horror effect, and it is also used to amplify the effect of entrances. This process works on the simple procedure in which the solid is directly vaporised in the air and slowly disperses in the surroundings, making it easier to get rid of fog getting collected in a certain region.

The fog machine uses dry ice and solid carbon dioxide created by increasing the overall pressure applied per unit and reducing temperature. The machine requires a temperature of around 41 degrees Celsius to avoid reaching the liquid phase and sublimating to vapour form. Various types of machines work on varied principles to provide users with these experiences and based on various factors. They are divided into dry fog machines, fluid fog machines, low fog machines and high fog machines, few of which are discussed below-

Dry Ice Fog Machine

This is the most common form of fog machine which people use because this fog machine requires the least energy, and it is easy to use. These machines require big slabs or canisters of carbon dioxide and use the process of sublimation, which states that when a solid is heated at a particular temperature, it converts directly from solid to vapour. This temperature is known as sublimating and varies based on factors like the bond strength of the stable molecule.

These dry ice fog machines are easy to use and are harmless, too, so even a beginner can easily work with his machine; the dry ice even has a long solid life so that you can store it with the least maintenance and management. The only issue with solid carbon dioxide is that when the fog is created, it spreads to the entire ground and is heavy. It settles down at the surface, so you would require massive amounts of carbon dioxide to maintain the continuous flow and effect of fog on the stage.

Fluid Fog Machines


The fluid fog machines work on different principles. Compared to the dry ice machines in fluid machines, some chemicals like Nitrogen and Glycol are used, which turn directly to vapors when exposed to the atmospheric temperature. These machines are cheaper, and they solve the issues or requirements of volumes of dry ice so you can manage huge volumes of fog with just a canister or two. Developing fogs is a harmful process, so it has to be managed by trained professionals.


Fog machines enhance your overall experience and make it easier to take a moment memorable. So in this article, we discussed fog machines making it easier for you to understand various types of fog machines and their working.